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  • why do you invert and multiply when dividing fractions

    The Math You Need to Know You chose the format in which to complete the problem. Any number multiplied by its (its is 1. Any number multiplied by 1 is the number. One is the multiplicative. Any number divided by one, is that number. Another way of saying this is \”If 1 is the denominator of a fraction, just use the numerator. \” The goal is to make the division expression look like just one…

  • why do we say please and thank you

    EMMA WADDINGTON has a PhD in Psychology and an MSc. in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Over the last 19 years Dr Emma Waddington has worked and studied in the field of mental health. During her time in the UK she worked as a clinical psychologist and CBT psychotherapist in local services, hospitals and in the private sector. Her work has always been primarily focused on children and families. She is a registered Clinical Psychologist with…

  • why do you love me so sweet and tenderly

  • why do you lose your hair after having a baby

    As your due date draws near, youвre probably looking forward to losing your big belly and extra baby weight. But thereвs one thing you may not look forward to losing: Your thick, shiny pregnancy locks. Itвs not your imagination. Most women find that pregnancy makes their hair thicker. And itвs not the stress of having a newborn thatвs making your hair fall out! Hereвs whatвs up with your pregnancy hair, what you can expect postpartum,…

  • why do you have to be a heartbreaker remix