why do some parents choose to homeschool


It began with my own education. Though I attended good schools in a well-performing school district, I thought my education was not nearly what it should have been. I could have learned so much more history and science, and frankly it was just too easy for me to slide on through. I wasn\’t challenged nearly enough. Even while I was a student I was painfully aware of how much time we were wasting on administrivia and busywork. I remember one time in the sixth grade when there was teachers\’ strike, and some guy came in and started lecturing us in fascinating detail about the parts of plants. It was awesome. At 11 years old, we were totally able to understand it, but no one had ever taught us that way before. We usually used \”the project method,\” which I later came to regard as truly a blight on our education system.
Increasingly, homeschooling is becoming a mainstream option for families of all sorts.


The vast access to information and connection the Internet provides has allowed what was once considered a fringe idea to seem like a plausible one for many families. The reasons parents choose to are as varied as families themselves, but here are nine common reasons people choose to take the of their children into their own hands. If a child has an extraordinary talent or skillP(in sports, the arts, and so on) that calls for a significant commitment in time or travel, parents may opt to to afford them a flexibility in schedule or location. Parents may find that learning disabilities or other special needs are difficult to adequately address in some traditional school settings. It s hard to compete with the advantages of a one-to-one student-to-teacher ratio and special needs students may not get the attention they needPwhen participating in a class of varying academic abilities and learning styles.


Parents who want to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into their children s may find homeschooling to be a better option. Hours in school, along with extracurricular activities, begin to add up quickly for even very young school children. Some parents aim to reduce the separation traditional school inherently imposes on their family life by choosing instead to homeschool. P The prescribed academic curriculum in the traditional school system leads some parents wishing for something better. It s easier than ever to find alternative options for students of various learning styles, interests, and abilities. P Parents who find the social or cultural environment they send their children to each day unsatisfactory or not aligned with their values often look to homeschool as a welcome alternative. P A simple request from one s child may lead parents to look into the option of homeschooling and find it to be viable.


Motivated, self-directed children may find traditional schools stifling and crave the idea of a more challenging or broadly based option. A gifted child may find little to be challenged by in a traditional school and become bored or unmotivated in such an environment. When the light of curiosity seems to be dimming, some parents look to homeschool to reignite that spark within. P For many parents, letting go of the prescribed route and numerous obligations and limitations that come with it provides an invitation to go one s own way that is difficult to ignore. Allowing children the freedom to pursue their curiosities to full completion; dictating one s own schedule; traveling whenever one wants and more are the advantages of homeschool that many families dream of.

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