why do some of my favorites disappear

i updated to ie9 and now i can\’t find my favorites that i compiled over the last few years. how is this an update if i have to spend a bunch of extra time to fix something that wasn\’t a problem before i downloaded your update? if it hasn\’t already
dawned on microsoft, here is what people want: we want a computer that we don\’t have to fix all of the time. we are paying you, microsoft to fix things. quit asking for me to do your job. i should be able to come back to my machine in a few minutes and have my favorites back. if you are not able to do this, then how does microsoft stay in business? oh, yeah, it\’s because no one thinks past their dumb rump and they just go along with whatever excrement microsoft dishes out. i have been patient for too long. quit screwing up my computer.

Just left click on the Star at the top right of your page and that should bring all of your favorites up. or you can also right click in the blank blue space at the top of the page, check menu bar and that should bring Files, Edit, View, and Favorites up underneath your Address Bar.

Hope this helps. It happened to me several times now, that when working with IE my favorites suddenly disappear. The solution to this is very simple, but I keep forgetting it so I decided to write it down. The problem with the disappearing favorites is, is that either the value type in the Registry is wrong, somehow REG_EXPAND_SZ was changed to REG_SZ which causes the variable %USERPROFILE% not te be expanded, or the value itself was changed to C:WINDOWSFAVORITES. In both cases, it resulted in an empty favorites menu in IE. Which is very annoying.

Here\’s the solution. Open the Registry Editor (Start Run regedt32. exe or regedit). Browse to the key: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVerionExplorerUser Shell Folders. Look up the value: Favorites. If it\’s value type is not REG_EXPAND_SZ, delete the value and re-create it (type REG_EXPAND_SZ). Now make sure the value Favorites has as content: %USERPROFILE%Favorites. Close the Registry Editor.

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