why do particles dissolve faster in hot water


Hot water has a higher amount of kinetic energy. The increased amount of kinetic energy is what causes the molecules to move faster. A solvent (the item that the solute is dissolved into) dissolves the solute by breaking up both its molecular bonds and the solute\’s molecular bonds. The molecular bonds in both substances have to be broken so that new molecular bonds can form between the solute and solvent. Once the solvent and solute are combined with molecular bonds, it is known as a solution. The amount of energy required to dissolve a solute into a solvent depends on what substance the solute is. Solutes with strong molecular bonds require more energy for the bonds to be broken.


Weak solutes can dissolve at a lower temperature than strong solutes. Solutes that do not dissolve in water have nonpolar covalent bonds. Nonpolar covalent bonds have a low electronegativity (tendency to attract electrons) and do not readily form new molecules. Water is a polar molecule that requires another polar molecule to form a new molecule.
In cooking, making tea, coffeePorPjuice, washing your clothes or dishes and in many more activities we need to dissolve some sort of solute in a solvent. For example, in washing, it is important that soap or washing up liquids dissolve in water andPin making aPglass ofPorange juice, it is important that sugar and the juice of the orange dissolve in water.

So, in this lesson we are going to learn how to speed up the dissolving process in order to make things easier to do. How much of a solute dissolves in a? How much of a solute dissolves in a solvent depends on how much solvent you use. How can you see that? If you use more solvent to dissolve a solute, more solute should be added until the solution is saturated. When will be the saturated? When you keep on adding the solute, one time you see the solute will remain undissolved at the bottom of the container.

That is the time the solution will be saturated. How can we make more solute dissolve in a solvent? 1) By using a warm solvent. 2) By heating the mixture. More sugar will dissolve in warm water than in cold water. Most solids dissolve better in warm water than in cold water. Why more solute will dissolve in warm solvents? When the solvent is warmed, the tiny particles it is made of move faster. PThis increases the spaces between them so that there is room for more solute to dissolve. is an example ofPa solute that changes a little when the temperature of water rises.

How can we make the solute dissolve faster? 1) We can make the solute dissolve faster by heating the mixture. 2) We can make the solute dissolve faster by stirring the mixture. 3) We can make the solute dissolve faster by grinding the solute before it is put into the solvent. Why the solute dissolves faster if we stir the mixture? Stirring mixes up the particles of solvent and solute so that they are more spread out. Why the solute dissolves faster by grinding the solute before it is put into the solvent? Grinding or crushing the solute increases the area of it which is exposed to the solvent.

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