why do parents think weed is so bad


So. Where to begin. Parents are decently conservative
Religious out the wazzoo
Both have admitted to smoking weed before in college to me
So I ve been smoking weed maybe weekly, maybe monthly depending on my money supply. My parents found my stash one day because that shit smelled. They totally flipped their shit. They just lectured and lectured about how dangerous it is, how it will ruin my life, how it will make me homeless, how no one would like me if they knew I smoked weed. Now, I know this is all bullshit, don t get me wrong.

I told them about how it helped relieve my anxiety, a very prevelant issue for me. They told me we could go to the doctor to get me and ssri or benzo. I tell them how hypocritical this is and how dangerous these things are. I tell them weed isn t as bad for you as you say it is, and it certainly wouldn t cause me to be homeless. Now they think I m a junkie because I was defending my drug abuse. It s kinda funny really. Whenever my sisters were in high school, they let them drink all the time, go clubbing, etc.

It is hilarious how demonic they think weed is. What s even more hilarious is that my mom thinks all the bad stuff she did in college is all due to the fact she smoked weed one time, and therefore proves her gateway drug theory. She also thinks only bad kids smoke weed, and that no one who makes any good money smokes weed. Dad is about the same. Says I ve severed the trust within the family or some stupid stuff like that. He also said that if he ever found out that my sisters smoked weed, he would literally cut off their college funds.

Smh I been smoking like just 3 weeks, and my parents don t know. My brother smokes me up and my mom knows he smokes but she s really awkward about it b/c she never smoked but is kind of a self described hippie. I mean when she found my brother growing weed she otld him to move it outside but she was really awkward about it. I m pretty much her little sober angel because my younger sister pisses her off all the time.

And she would get so pissed and shit if she found out I smoked. Im 14 btw, my brother is 18. No idea how my dad feels about the herb because I dint ask my bro and my dad works overseas, so we dont see him really but hes chill as hell and swears with us and shit and it is my dream to someday get high with him but I dont think he s a stoner. HUGE deadhead though. So I gotta stay secret. You guys who s parents are cool with it/hook you up are some of the luckiest SOBs in the world.

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