why do some muslims resent westerners and israelis


1. Islam believes it is the most advanced form of religion. As Thomas Friedman explains, Muslims see Judaism as Religion version 1. 0, Christianity as Religion 2. 0, and Islam is (in their opinion) Religion 3. 0. If that is the case, then the Islamic world should be more advanced and successful than the rest of the world, but for the past 400 years or so, the West (including Israel) has defeated Islam in every major battle, and is clearly more powerful, more wealthy, and more successful. This creates confusion and resentment, and jealousy among many Muslims. 2. There is conflict within Islam (as in other religions), between modernity and tradition. The West is the source of these new, uncomfortable ideas, which challenge the old ways. This fosters resentment against the West. 3. The Crusades are remembered and resented in the Muslim world as Christian attacks on Islam. (The Europeans were attacking to recover previously Christian dominated areas that had been occupied by Muslim invaders. )
4. Western occupation of Muslim lands in the past 100-200 years has contributed to their resentment. Although the West no longer occupies Muslim lands, the act of occupation brought the Western world into close, recent contact, initiating or exacerbating factors #1 and #2. 5. The resettlement of Jews in their ancient homeland, with the creation of a sovereign Jewish State in an area previous dominated by Muslims has obviously created resentment for cultural ( we don t want any foreigners in our area with their newfangled, immoral ways ) and religious ( once a region has become Muslim it must remain Muslim ) reasons.


It has nothing to do with occupied territories or the Palestinian refugees, because the local Arabs were hostile even before Israel was established, before Palestinians became refugees, and before there were occupied territories. The West s role in the creation of Israel and America s role in supporting Israel is resented, but it is by no means the only, or even the major, reason for Muslim hostility. (If the US stopped supporting Israel it would not win us any more friends in the Arab world, and in fact would do us harm. Considering that many Arabs in the Middle East already believe Jews control the US government, if America turned its back on Israel, Arab governments would be terrified we would do the same to them. If you turn your back on your closest friends, how much more might you betray your not-so-close friends? ) 6. Bin Laden s chief complaint at the time of 9/11/01 was that US forces were present on Saudi Arabian soil. Saudi is the location of Islam s 2 holiest sites, and the presence of infidels polluted the holy ground. Misconception #1:   – Muslims can kill any non-Muslims.   *. Correction:   – In Islam, killing is a very terrible sin that is strictly  prohibite d. No Muslim has the right to kill any non-Muslim simply  due to their disbelief!!    *. Misconception #2:   – All Muslim men marry four women or even more than one wife.   *. Correction :   – Polygamy is NOT encouraged, it\’s just allowed under conditions.   – So many Muslim men marry only one wife.    *. Misconception #3:   – Muslims are the followers of a new religion formulated about 1400  years ago.   *.


Correction:   – Islam is not the name of some special religion presented for the  first time by the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Islam is the  same divine message of ALL prophets but the message was always  corrupted. Muhammad is the last prophet & Allah (God) has  promised to keep his message.    *. Misconception #4:   – Muslims worship another God, different from that of Christianity  & Judaism.   *. Correction:   – Allah is just the Arabic word for God. Muslims worship the same  God of Christians & Jews.    *. Misconception #5:   – Muslims don\’t believe in Jesus.   *. Correction:   – Muslims do love & believe in Jesus,peace be upon him &  wait for His blessed coming to the world to spread justice,peace  & happiness & to uproot all evil. The difference is that  Muslims do not worship him as Christians do.    *. Misconception #6:   – Muslims worship Muhammad PBUH.   *. Correction:   – Muslims are very strong monotheists & they worship none but  Allah, the only one God, the Creator of all, the matchless, the  most Glorious.    *. Misconception #7:   – All Muslims are Arabs.   *. Correction:   – Arabs now are only about 20% of all Muslims worldwide. The  majority are South Asians, Indonesians, Persians, Turks, and  Africans.    *. Misconception #8:   – Islam is for a specific nation.   *. Correction:   – Islam is universal.    *. Misconception #9:   – Islam does not call for tolerance.   *. Correction:  – Islam calls Muslims to be tolerant, forgiving,  and to be kind with those who don\’t attack them.    *.


Misconception #10:   – Islam encourages terrorism   *. Correction:  – Islam calls for peace, love, and competition for  the prosperity of mankind of all faiths.    *. Misconception #11:  – The Qur\’an is written by Prophet Muhammad   *. Correction:  – The Qur\’an is the real God (Allah in Arabic)  words revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel  Gabriel (Jibril).    *. Misconception #12:   -Women are abused in Islam.   *. Correction:   -Islam honours & protects women by all  means.    *. Misconception #13:   – Muslims have more than one holy book.   *. Correction:   – The only holy book of Islam is the Noble Qur\’an, the true words  of Allah.    *Misconception #14:  – Nation of Islam (NOI) is an Islamic group.   *Correction:   – NOI is a political organization that calls for the superiority of  the black man. It was propagated by Louis Farrakhan in America  & in brief, it has NOTHING to do with the Islamic religion or  the Islamic teachings.    * Misconception #15:   – Crescent and star is the Islam religious symbol   * Correction:   – This is not true. There is no religious symbol for Islam religion  as the cross in Christianity or David star in Judaism    * Misconception #16:   – Islam is against democracy   * Correction:   – This is not correct. Islam calls Muslim to follow democracy. It  is called in Islam \”Shoura\” or consultation. Even in the time of  prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) consulted his followers in  many issues that relevant to their daily lives.

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