why does my cat pee next to the litter box


If it helps, we are scooping them twice a day. It is the feline pine litter and the only time we go near the boxes is to scoop them/clean them out. Three of them are in differnt corners of the same room (where we set up the safe room when we brought them home), the other one is down the hall on the opposite end of the house. We may try tonight getting rid of one of them in the first room so have 2 in there and the 3rd down the hall, but I am afraid if we do this it will only get worse. She has gone in all 4 of them at one time or another. We did an extra to try a differnt kind of litter box to see if they might like it better. They did not seem to care though and used all of them about the same. The two closest to each other they like to poop in and the other 2 has been mostly pee. The one she is peeed next to this morning is one of the 2 they normaly poop in.


The first time she did this there were only the 3 boxes in the safe room (which is completly open to the house now no chance of it getting closed off) and she peeed next to the one they normaly peeed in. Hubby took them to the vet this morning for a booster and their health checks out fine other than a yeast infection in their ears. Max when we scoop them will hop into the one we are trying to scoop and do his business wither it is his normal time or not.
Nearly 1 in 5 cats will have litterbox problems during their lifetime and the reasons why are wide and ranging. Here are the most common causes for litterbox avoidance plus some helpful links! A medical issue, such as a. A vet visit should always be your first course of action when your cat begins peeing outside the box.


You re using aP Pin the box. Some cats prefer an unscented litter. You don t have enough litterboxes. The one litterbox per cat in the house, plus one extra. Your cat is suffering from a. The litterbox is. Your cat needs room to move and dig. Your cat would prefer that you. Or, at least, cleaner. The in the box is either too deep, or not deep enough. Is your cat a? Longhaired cats have their own unique litterbox issues. Your cat could be stressed by, such as a new house or a new baby. Location of the boxes. Are litterboxes placed in heavily trafficked areas of the house? Your cat. If you have a covered litterbox, that may be a reason. Some cats don t like being inside the box to do their business. Try taking the cover off.

Training. Its possible your cat was never properly trained in how to use a litterbox. You re using litterbox liners. Plenty of cats. If you use one, try going without it for a while. Harsh could be turning your cat off the box. Its possible your cat simply doesn t like his litter. Try esting outPa new litter that your cat will like. If you have a multi-cat house, one of the cats may be. These are just a few reasons. Each cat is an individual so his reasons may be as well. PTrying to determine the reason behind a cats peeing problems is often much more difficult than findingPa solution. This quick reference guide to common reasons behind litterbox avoidance is a good place to start to help you zero in on your cats rationale so you can get him back to the box as soon as possible.

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