why do people study human resource management


You will study topics such as organisational behaviour, employment relations systems and processes, human resource planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, occupational health and safety, work organisation, negotiation and conflict resolution, all of which give you valuable skills as an employee in any industry.


This major is taught through a combination of lectures, tutorials, workshops and other in-class activities. UWA professors have been highly influential in shaping people management strategies and leadership practices in leading organisations in Australia and overseas.
Small business owners often start out with little more than a dream and a strong desire to succeed.


Entrepreneurs learn as they go, often using a college education as a springboard to launch their entrepreneurial dreams. When building a business, however, entrepreneurs have to confront a myriad of issues in human resources management on a daily basis.


They must recruit and train a core team of employees, set their businesses up to pay employment-related taxes and establish a comprehensive company culture, among other things. Studying HR management can prepare new business owners to meet HR-related challenges head on.

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