why do red pandas look like raccoons


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Our awesome logo subReddit design was created by CSS by Want to help us catch more reposts? Click the report button and include a link to the original post! Red pandas usually spend the day snoozing in the treetops and become active at dusk, when they get to work to seek more food. It might seem that the red panda is a lazy animal, but in fact the problem is that it cannot digest cellulose. As the red panda\’s diet consists largely of bamboo leaves and shoots, its adaptation has lead to it having a slow metabolism. Still, a red panda of an average size may need to eat around 3 kg of leaves and bamboo shoots a day if it does sot eat more caloric food. Lesser pandas are shy and evasive animals that, when feeling threatened and trapped, will adopt a bipedal posture to try and appear larger and more intimidating – although we\’re not sure that a snow leopard would feel too impressed.

They are not usually sociable when out of the breeding period, and they mostly live alone. At most, you can have small groups of a mother and her grown cubs. However, except when feeling threatened, red pandas are fairly friendly and they are not aggressive animals. In the mating season, males tend to mark their territory by rubbing against trees an abdominal gland that secretes an odorous substance. They may also rub their genitals or use urine markings. It is not uncommon that a male and a female mate with more than one partner during a single mating period. Intercourse takes place on the ground and the cubs reach adult size when they are one year old, although they will not be sexually mature until 18 months.

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