why do they do a 24 hour urine test


My doctor just ordered a 24-hour urine test. Why is it necessary to collect my urine for 24 hours, when I normally just provide a single urine sample at the doctor\’s office? A single sample of urine is normally used to determine whether there are increased amounts of specific substances in your urine, such as glucose, white blood cells, or protein. The
is a snapshot assessment of your urine at one point in time. The urinalysis is a valuable screening tool for, kidneys diseases, and other conditions. However, sometimes doctors need to know how much urine your body is producing in a day or how much of a particular substance (for example, protein, aldosterone, sodium, potassium, or urea nitrogen) is eliminated in a day.


A single-specimen urinalysis cannot provide this information, so patients are instructed to collect all their urine produced in a 24-hour period. A special container is provided for this purpose, which is returned to the laboratory after you have finished the urine collection at home. For example, a doctor will order a 24-hour urine collection for in order to calculate how well a patient\’s kidneys are functioning. A doctor may also order a 24-hour urine collection for a hormone (5-HIAA) in order to exclude.


Today, I (Dr. Lee) ordered a 24-hour urine collection to measure a patient\’s rate or urine excretion of copper to exclude Wilson\’s disease (a that can cause excessive copper accumulation in the body and cause and ). How is a 24-hour urine test carried out? If you are asked to supply a 24-hour urine test, you will be given a bottle to use, to collect all the urine your kidneys make over a 24-hour period. start collecting your urine in the morning between 6. 00am and 10. 00am. Write down the exact time you start when you start, empty your bladder and discard all the urine.

Then put all the urine you produce over the next 24 hours into the sample bottle exactly 24 hours after starting, empty your bladder whether you need to or not into the bottle bring the sample in to your hospital or surgery on the same day it is completed. On rare occasions you may be asked to collect your urine in a bottle containing a small amount of acid. If this is the case, you will need to be careful not to spill it or burn yourself. Once the acid is diluted with the first urine sample, it is no longer dangerous.

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