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The Super Bowl is without a doubt one of the biggest sporting events in the world (World Cup fans, feel free to weigh in here), and an unofficial national holiday in the United States. But, do you know how the Super Bowl got its name? It may (or may not) be related to a toy ball. How did the super bowl get its name? In the 1960s, pro football was split into two leagues, the established NFL and the newly-formed AFL (American Football League). PEventually, they would merge, and a competitive game for the title of best in the NFL was a byproduct of the merger. When the league tried to come up with a game
name, Time. com says World Series of Football, The Big One, and Pro Bowl were considered. But, the first one was a copy of Major League Baseball, and Pro Bowl would have conflicted with the annual NFL all-star game. The first best-of-the-best game between the Packers and Chiefs in January, 1967 ended up carrying the rather straightforward name of AFL-NFL Championship Game. Catchy? No. The next two games after used the rather bland World Championship Game name. The Atlantic mentions the legend that Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt coined the term Super Bowl after his daughter s toy Super Ball.


But, newspapers were already using the term Super Bowl for the championship game well before the first Super Bowl game was played, so believe what you want. Bottom line: AFL-NFL Championship Sunday is not nearly as catchy as Super Bowl Sunday. And, in the NFL, marketing is everything. What does theP bowlP in super bowl mean?. In the early 1900 s, bowl began to be used to described bowl-like stadiums. The first of these stadiums was built for Yale in 1914 and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena was soon to follow. Soon enough, football games held in similarly-designed stadiums were called bowl games. Why do the super bowl games have roman numerals? Well, the powers that be tacked on the roman numerals to the end of Super Bowl to distinguish the games from each other. However, since there were already four games before the official first Super Bowl, it started at Super Bowl 5. Er, V. The only Super Bowl game to not use roman numerals was Super Bowl 50. The roman numeral for 50 is L, and because NFL ad designers couldn t do anything with an L logo (in fact it looks like a typo), they used the number 50.


Now, we re back to roman numerals for the foreseeable future. PChris Chase of USA Today summed it up: Foregoing the use of Super Bowl L drew some early criticism that the league was dumbing things down for America, as if clinging to an archaic counting system that was obviously created without any foresight means were a nation of dunces. Thats nonsense. Roman numerals are like cursive: meaningless in the real world and not as pretty to look at as people think. Do you have a soft spot for roman numerals? If you think you know your V s from your I s, take ourP! – Would a by any other name be just as exciting? Not everybody knows that professional football\’s championship game owes its title to an unlikely source: the ultra-bouncy balls that entranced American children from 1965 until the late 1970s. Find out what a trendy plaything has to do with the most-watched event in the United States. First held on January 15, 1967, might never have existed without Lamar Hunt.

In the late 1950s, the Arkansas-born sports entrepreneur failed to secure a license from the National Football League to start a Dallas team. So he founded a league of his own: the American Football League. (He would eventually establish the Dallas Texans, later known as, which he owned until his death in 2006. ) The upstart AFL proved a game-changing success, and in the late 1960s the NFL approached Hunt with a merger proposal. To ease the transition, the two leagues planned a series of season-ending title games between their respective champions. Like baseballБs World Series, the event would bring the best players from both organizations onto the same field. When it came time to choose a name for the contest, Hunt made history once again. Meeting to plan the inaugural game in the summer of 1966, Hunt and other football kingpins ironed out the details but couldnБt nail down a catchy moniker. Officially, the event would be known as the БFirst,Б but its organizers referred to it as the Бfinal game,Б the Бchampionship gameБ and other iterations that never quite caught on.

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