why do the veins in my hand hurt


consists of spasms of the small of the fingers and sometimes the toes, brought on by exposure to cold or stress. Certain occupational exposures bring on Raynaud\’s. The episodes produce a temporary lack of
supply to the area, causing the to appear white or bluish and feel cold or numb. In some cases, the symptoms of Raynaud\’s may be related to underlying diseases such as, and. most commonly affects the small- and medium-sized arteries and veins. Although the cause is unknown, there is a strong association with use or exposure. The arteries of the arms and legs become narrowed or blocked, causing lack of supply ( ) to the fingers, hands, toes and feet. Pain occurs in the arms, hands and, more frequently, the legs and feet, even when at rest. With severe blockages, the tissue may die ( ), requiring of the fingers and toes. Superficial vein and symptoms of Raynaud\’s occur commonly in people with Buerger\’s disease. Veins are flexible, hollow tubes with flaps inside called valves. When your muscles contract, the valves open and blood moves through the veins. When your muscles relax, the valves close, keeping blood flowing in one direction through the veins. If the valves inside your veins become damaged, the valves may not close completely.


This allows blood to flow in both directions. When your muscles relax, the valves inside the damaged vein(s) will not be able to hold the blood. This can cause pooling of blood or swelling in the veins. The veins bulge and appear as ropes under the skin. The blood begins to move more slowly through the veins, it may stick to the sides of the vessel walls and can form. Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) or peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is sometimes called Бpoor circulation. Б It usually refers to the narrowing of arteries in the legs, causing less blood flow to the muscles. PAD can also affect the arms, and neck. It is caused by of the arteries ( plaques causing hardening and narrowing of the artery) due to, inactivity and. The most common symptom of PAD of the legs is claudication, which is pain occurring while walking and relieved with rest. You may also feel cramping or a tiredness in the leg or hip muscles while walking. Shelley, I have considered that this may be related to the phlebitis. I really have. I also feel like it may be a septic arthritis of some type. It\’s scary how many different things it could be.

The pain is intermittent today, like a burning shock in a toe or my finger, and then there is all-the-time pain in the joints that feels like they are swollen and infected. like the blood is wrong or poisoned. I have this bad feeling that all of this recent stuff is directly related to my IV Iron Dextran infusion (May 23rd), as the weeks of burning/itching pain started immediately afterwards, then the phlebitis and joint pain. I do know the second week-long course of prednisone did nothing to help it, and I am in worse shape today than yesterday. If I could get an accurate photo of what was happening, I could share it perhaps. I guess looking at my hands right at this moment I can see swollen veins in every finger that was NOT there just over a month ago. The tips of all fingers hurt, like pins sticking in them, or perhaps when I touch something there is broken glass in there. The joints are hot, red and swollen around the blue veins. There is no real rash, but I do have random small spots of skin where it feels hard under the skin, and other spots that look like tiny skin-colored round blisters. The joints in every finger aches, and the big pad of flesh at the base of my thumbs also ache.

Feet hurt but not as much as the hands now. I also am getting weak in my hands. I can\’t hold a book for longer than a few minutes to read and sitting here typing is extremely difficult. If anybody has ever experienced anything like this I would be grateful for some advice. As I\’ve said before rheumatology won\’t see me until Oct. 10th, my primary really knows nothing about any of this (she shrugged her shoulders and then offered an xray to check for arthritis and then did a lyme screen per my request), and dermatology said I need rheumatology. Also, vascular said that circulation issues don\’t happen with people my age, and she just basically checked my pulse in my wrists and ankles, then said nothing more beyond suggesting it could be a neuropathy related to carpal tunnel? Hematology as well said they didn\’t believe that the problems I am having are related to my IV Iron infusion but that I need rheumatology. I feel like the only way I can get someone to take me seriously is to go to the ER but even they may think I am just wacky for coming to the ER for something that primary care should be able to help me with.

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