why is there a rainbow after it rains


But after the rainbow is formed it should not stay for much long as the rain drops are falling downwards so their position must change. As discussed in the comments, and explained in the wiki article, the raindrops replace each other as they are falling and your eyes see a continuity similar to the one when watching movies and television. If it were only raindrops that could form a rainbow, i. e drops of some milimeters, yes it should disappear. But also tiny droplets hovering after the main rain drops, create rainbows. See this over a, where the mist is enough on the left. After the rain, and depending on the weather conditions, mist can persist:
The persistence of water vapor in the air depends on updrafts of warm air. As warm air rises, it carries humidity that condenses into vapor droplets when it hits higher layers of colder air. Once condensed, the vapor tends to fall. But continuously rising warm air replenishes the fallen droplets, so the rainbow phenomenon persists as sunlight is refracted and reflected through new droplets that replace the old. When warm updrafts cease, so that no further humidity is carried upward to condense to droplets, the rainbow will dissipate and disappear. БThereБs a rainbow always after the rain. Б With every person being down, with people depressed and lonely, this statement has been widely used.


ItБs always been used as a sense of comfort, of advice, or maybe a source of uplift to wounded people. Nothing wrong with that. Being heard of a rainbow coming signifies a better future, directly telling a hopeful tomorrow. However, there are essentials in this simple statement that, maybe due to its sad reality, is being taken out of the conversation. It was often taken as a whole, sacrificing what the real message really speaks of. Yes, this is an encouragement, but we cannot swallow the real beauty and the real sweetness of a statement unless understood its full context. Let us then, piece-by-piece, digest this quote. БThereБs a rainbow always after the rain. Б What I did was that I sliced the statement to its core essentials Б to its full context of meaning. In order of discussion, let us capture the complicity of its meaning by grasping it not in order. ББAfter We have to understand based on this statement that the rainbow will only come after the rain. I have to highlight the word after because it speaks of order, of time. It speaks of a cause-and-effect relationship; that one has to happen first before something could happen. In this case, the rain has to happen first before the rainbow could come out. Most of the time, we encourage people without acknowledging that the problems they are in, the struggles they are going through, or the hardships they are encountering are hard truth.

We encourage by speaking of the future without facing the current situation. This statement tells us that we have to acknowledge the on-going reality. We have to take note of the present. We have to take note of the rain Б problems, struggles, hardships. Moreover, in encouraging, we have to tell people that we may not fully understand what theyБre going through, at least we are fully aware of it, how hard it is, and assure the person that it has to happen. Yes, it has to happen. God allowed it not for the sake of punishment because his grace never fails, but he allows it to execute his better plan. Yet for him to execute it, he has to allow the storms or rains first in our lives. б I know how hard it is because I too am not exempted with all the hardships, but God has to allow a rain to come to my life for the rainbow to appear. Б. always. Б It is a sense of assurance. It is a statement that indeed it will happen. It doesnБt say most of the time, or often; rather it speaks of always Б never failing to be present. People, including me, are in need of assurances. A lot of broken promises are already been said, a lot of untrue swearing has already been done; an assurance is very vital so one can hold onto and be hopeful.

This is the most famous part and the only taken part in this quote. Of course, nothing to explain about, it speaks of a better life, an overcoming experience from a situation, a victorious event from a tear-drainer event. This is the sign of hope, a sign of a better future. Now that we sliced it and б explained it as thoroughly as I could, I hope it is already clear what this clichц quote really means. It is a one-sentence statement that really has a powerful message to each and everyone. Furthermore, it speaks of a truthful process that a person has to go to so the promise could be grasped and felt. It is not just an encouragement, itБs a directive process. P. S. Thinking of this quote points me to another idea that gives light to where this statement could root from. If we would think about it, this quote speaks of a God-speaking message to each of us compressed into a line. It would be like God saying БYou know my child,I see how painful it is but you have to go through this. I know it hurts, but you have to get into it. DonБt you worry, my plans will come after it. My plans, which is good, pleasing, and perfect, will surely come Б never late! Б Now, it makes sense? IsnБt it? Have a hopeful year ahead!

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