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in HD for your viewing pleasure. Check \’em out! Interest in Brazil and the Portuguese language has skyrocketed over the past few years. With major events such as the 2014 World Cup and the Games taking place in Brazil this summer, more people than ever before are either learning Portuguese, or simply trying to get to know more about the 6th largest language in the world (in terms of native speakers).

In the video above, 7 non-native Portuguese speakers from 7 different countries (some already fluent in Portuguese, others not so much) give everything theyБve got to pronounce some tricky words in Portuguese. Think you could do better? To help you master the art of Portuguese pronunciation, here are a few tips on conquering those pesky tongue-twisting Portuguese words. 1. Exceццеo (exception) xc – The letter Бx\” can be a big problem for people learning Portuguese. There are 5 different ways of pronouncing it, and the rules governing when to use each pronunciation have so many exceptions that itБs better not to bother. We recommend consulting a dictionary with phonetic transcriptions. For example, when \”x\” is combined with Бc,\” it sounds like Бs\” as in Бsoap. \” ц – This symbol under the Бc\” is called cedilla (or Бcedilha,\” in Portuguese) and it changes the way the \”c\” is pronounced in languages like Portuguese, French and Catalan.

In some languages, like Turkish and Kurdish, it exists as a proper letter in its own right Б the \”Й. \” In Portuguese, itБs pronounced like an Бs\” as in \”Saturday. \” цеo – This one is a real nightmare for non-native Portuguese speakers. There is no exact match for it in the English language, but if you think of Бoun\” being spoken in a very nasal way youБre getting close. The symbol on top of the Бa\” is called tilde (also Бtil\” in Portuguese), and indicates that the vowel is pronounced nasally. 2. Amanhце (tomorrow) nh – Another sound with no real equivalent in English, it is pronounced in a similar way as Бny\” in БEnya. \” це – Also pronounced nasally, this is somewhat similar to Бan. \” 3. Lagartixa (tropical house gecko) x – As explained above, the Бx\” in Portuguese can be pronounced in 5 different ways.

Here, it is pronounced in the same way as the Бsh\” in Бshocked. \” 4. Trocadilho (word pun) lh – The Бh\” after the Бl\” is pronounced like a very short Бi. \” 5. Cabeleireiro (hairdresser) ei – Pronounced like the Бay\” in \”lay. \” This sound is repeated for both the Бlei\” and Бrei\” parts of this word. r – When placed between two vowels, the Бr\” makes a sound similar to a Бd\”. Say repeatedly Бdadadada. \” The Бd\” becomes softer and softer until you naturally start hearing Бdadararara. \” Ta-da! 6. Paralelepцpedo (paving stone, parallelepiped) It may have simple phonemes, but the real difficulty of this word lies in its repeated switching of vowels and consonants. The stressed syllable, as the acute accent indicates, is on Бpц. \” 7.

Otorrinolaringologista (otolaryngologist) The main issue here of course is the size of the word, but letБs take a look at a few of the sounds in particular: rr – Pronounced the same way as the Бh\” in Бhouse,\” this rule also applies to a single Бr\” if itБs placed at the beginning of a word. So, if youБd like to pronounce the name of the host city of the 2016 Olympics like an authentic Brazilian, you should say something like БHio de Janeido. \” go – When placed before the vowels Бo,\” Бa\” and Бu,\” the Бg\” in Portuguese sounds like the \”g\” in the words Бgorilla,\” Бgarlic\” and Бgun. \” gi – When it comes before the vowels Бe\” and Бi,\” the Бg\” has a sound that can be described as something between the Бg\” in Бgigolo\” and the Бsh\” in Бshe. \” This soft Бg\” is also similar to the way the Бs\” is pronounced in Бunusual. \”

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