why was the battle of leyte gulf important


This battle is considered the largest naval battle in World War 2 and possibly in history. Also this Allied victory opened the doors to freedom for the Philippines which was conquered by Japan. This greatly affected the war because it reduced the flow of supplies and resources to the home islands. Finally, this is the first time the Japanese used the military strategy \”kamikaze\”.

It became the one of the most effective naval battle strategies in war history. takes out mainly ships of the enemy. Many were used in the attack on Pearl
Harbor. They were the main reason why Japan had a great aviation attack. The battle was a strategic defeat for the JIN because didn\’t fulfill its objectives of destroying the invasion landing and logistic forces for the invasion of the Philippines.

Not only this: it was a massacre for the air force as well as for the navy: many irreplaceable ships were either damaged or sunk and a huge number of pilots never returned from the useless attempts to attack the American Forces.

It is indicative of the tiredness and lack of enthusiasm of the Japanese commanders that Admiral Kurita at the exact moment, at Samar, of being near to destroy the escort ships and so be able to fulfill its mission, decided to withdraw!

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