why do we have to wear school uniforms


A safe, encouraging school environment is a much better place to learn than a school full of conflict and discipline problems. Proponents believe school uniforms can help make the school environment more student friendly. School uniforms level the playing field. When all students have to wear the same thing, none of them can brag about wearing the latest, most expensive fashions. Whether they\’re from the upper, middle or lower class, all students dress the same. School uniforms can also increase student safety. Students cannot wear gang-affiliated clothing or colors: Individual style, in this case, is sacrificed for a safer learning environment. Even something as simple as a teacher being easily able to spot her students on a field trip — or spot an intruder in the school — is an important benefit of school uniforms. School uniforms make it easier on families to shop for school clothes. Uniforms are usually cheaper than other clothing, and not having to decide what to wear saves time. Uniforms can increase self-confidence when students don\’t feel pressured to wear certain types of clothing. Uniforms also make it almost impossible for students to be bullied over clothing choices.


found that middle school students felt safer and more confident when wearing uniforms. School uniforms can foster school spirit. When students are wearing their uniforms, they are representing their schools. Such school unity can be increased with activities such as logo design contests and voting on uniform changes. Mandie Ho Kit-man, 16, Yes, students should wear a school uniform. Students always think uniforms bury their creativity and personality. But don t you think the unity makes the school looks tidy? Besides the tradition, school uniforms give students a sense of identity. I believe everyone would have the same feeling as I do. When I see someone wearing the same uniform, I feel familiar to them since we belong to the same school. We sing the same school song and gain daily knowledge in the same place. Makes it easier for us to be friends, right? Actually, there are many ways for students to show off their creativity. You don t have to do it with your uniform. You can display your ideas on how to study foranexam, how to win a game on sport day.


You can stand out from other students by being confident, not with the way you dress. Furthermore, going to school is for learning, not for fashion shows. In addition, uniforms help to reduce the burden on your mum s pocket. Uniforms are made of durable material; they can last a long time. Instead of spending money on clothes each month, your mother can save moneyand buy only one uniform. Honestly, if students hate wearing uniforms that much, how come I never see students in their own clotheson Dress Casual Day? It s only $20, much cheaper than you spend on a whole year s clothes,andit s for charity as well. Isn t it worth it? Thomas Li Chak-leung, 15, No, students should not wear a school uniform. The definition of a uniform is clothing worn by students to identify themselves as a student from a particular school. However, there is absolutely no need to wear a uniform as it suppresses individualism and does not give students the freedom to express themselves. Traditionally, uniforms may have been widely accepted in society, but now times have changed. In modern age, teenagers are encouraged to express their unique ideas and way of presenting themselves.


School uniforms directly contradict this. Weshould notbe stereotyped to ancient principles and must abolish uniforms. Also, most uniforms are uncomfortable and bring distractions to students. Research has shown that in countries where schools do not have uniforms, casual wear has a much more positive psychological effect on students. They can learn and concentrate better! One may say uniforms promote a sense of belonging, but that is not true. A sense of belonging comes from your heart and not your appearance. Another point the opposition may bring up is that students may worry if they will be laughed at when wearing the same kind of clothes every day. Frankly speaking, this worryingis unnecessary because every student has the same problem and no one will laugh. To conclude, a school s aim is to educate students and provide a healthy environment for them to learn. We should let students wear something comfortable andsomethingthey like in class. If schools want students identification, why not just ask them to show their student ID card?

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