why do we have to study philippine literature


Literature is an extraordinary communication of the literates. It is a refined communication. The communication may be through the characters, stories, essays,
poetry or the fiction or any other kind of of it. It is an art. Not all people can reach up to it. It is as special by itself as the science is. It is liked by the common man to well literates for the value of it. Literature mirrors the life, culture and civilisation of the people. The thoughts of the great becomes part of the literature.


The feelings of happiness or pain of common man also may become its part. The ideals of the history, science or the society can can also be a glorified as exemplary through literature. The language probably attains its ultimate through literature. It thus can take everything in its range and create a world of us within itself. Therefore, before making any study of mankind, we go through the the literature it created. Hope this helps! Monkeymad103 Knowledge can be gained, but the true answer is pleasure.


Literature opens the mind, and transports the soul, at times. We can enumerate many reasons for studying literature. We study literature so that we can better appreciate our literary heritage. We cannot appreciate something that we do not understand. Through a study of our literature, we can trace the rich heritage of ideas handed down to us from our forefathers. Then we can understand ourselves better and take pride in being a Filipino. Like other races of the world, we need to understand that we have a great and noble tradition which can serve as the means to assimilate other cultures.

Through such a study, we will realize our literary limitations conditioned by certain historical factors and we can take steps to overcome them. Above all, as Filipinos, who truly love and take pride in our own culture, we have to manifest our deep concern for our own literature and this we can do by studying the literature of our country.

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