why does my baby cry before sleeping


I do think babies cry for a reason, but I also think that reason can be that thy\’re tired and annoyed that they\’re still awake – I know that\’s certainly true for my little boy! I\’m sorry Mrs Kitty Boo but I disagree, I\’d never leave a young baby to cry but as they got older it\’s important they learn to settle themselves, for their own benefit, not just to make the parents lives easier. And in relaity, 10 mintues isn\’t that long if Kel\’s baby is settling himself within that time
Kel I\’d really advise against going back to the swing, or he\’ll get used to needing to the motion to settle, if your lo is settling himself but needing a bit of a moan first, I think that\’s ok – as his mum, you know his different cries and nknow whether he\’s really distressed and needs you or not. If he\’s not getting into a state I\’d probably carry on as you are, I know it\’s horrible listening to them cry, but it porbably won\’t last.


The problem I had when I didn;t put my lo down awake was that when he woke in the night he couldn;t settle himself, he\’d cry, then cry because he was overtired and cross he was awake, and we\’d all be up for a couple of hours in the night trying to get him to sleep in his cot form 5-8 months! – we did eventually did pick up out down to get him to go to sleep himself – but since then (he\’s now 14 months) if he whinges when he goes down I\’m afraid he has to whinge, it\’s for his benefit too as not being able to settle himself was upsetting him a lot more. Whovever said you might be missing his \’tired\’ window has a point, if he\’s getting overtired it might upset hima but, but if you think you\’ve got it right (you\’re his mum), he might just be a baby who needs a little moan. Mine rarely cries when he goes down now, and if he does it\’s during the day when he\’s worried about missing something – so he might grow out of it, mine\’s been pretty god since about 10 months Some babies cry like that when going off to sleep to wind themselves down if that makes sense.


Many babies have a dummy to suck on, or their parents rock them, or they are fed to sleep which are all really bad habits to get into. Your baby self settles which is good, but needs to cry to wind down enough to go to sleep. We had to go to a sleep school and use CC to teach my baby to self settle, and for months afterwards she would cry as she settled herself off to sleep. Eventually though the length of crying got shorter, then she started to just whinge and have a little cry, then it was just a few little grizzly noises and now she usually just goes off to sleep without any crying whatsoever. However she still has a dummy. which I would really like to wean her off actually, but no luck so far, she screams the place down when I try to take it off her.


Has your baby always self settled? Or did you only start teaching her to self settle 4 months ago? I would give it time and eventually your baby will learn to go off to sleep without crying. I do remember it took my DD a long time before there was no crying at all. As for the night feeding that amount of feeds really seems excessive for an 8 month old. Is she breast fed or bottle fed? I would definitely cut out the night feeds. If she wakes offer water only, keep lights dim or not on at all, change nappy if necessary but do that in the cot, don t make eye contact or talk. A paed taught me this method and it works. My DD still wakes a few times overnight sometimes but she either self settles, or resettles when I put the dummy back in. She rarely has a feed overnight and hasn t done since about 4 months. HTH

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