you lied when you said you loved me


Welcome to AllPoetry I know confusion may enter your head if mixed messages are given by someone who says they love you. Maybe you will know soon whether they do or not, it sounds like you are beginning to wake up to their lies or you realise that they are not what you wish them to be, but that is just what I am picking up from the pen. I am sorry it is happening though it sounds cruel that they could do that to you when you have tenderness in your heart, but people do and we are left to pick up the pieces.


I hope though you find something or someone to show you what true caring is all about so that you can place this bad situation to the back of your mind we all learn lessons in life it is just a shame they have to hurt sometimes.

I am sorry but the font was a tad too hard for me to read it may be my computer but I would like some lighter font just for my eyes really lol. I hope it goes well your pen and I know many will understand how you feel. Well done and hope that time spent on the site is a productive and enjoyable one if at any time you need help with the site please let me know
Clichцs I see around Wattpad! *** (Not directed at any particular account, book, or person. ) Please be advised this story contains swearing and mature themes! *** I am looking to publish!

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