you know you re a geek when

Get daily updates directly to your inbox If youБre a, put Jedi as your religion on the Census form and know your ROM from your RAM* – you are officially a geek. A study has found speaking Klingon, building a robot and wearing glasses are features that put Brits high on the Geek-ter scale. Other tell-tale signs of a top nerd include being able to name all the Game of Thrones characters and knowing to 10 decimal places. According to research, almost two-thirds of adults already class themselves as full blown geeks while three-quarters of us have geek traits like enjoying jigsaw puzzles and visiting museums for fun.

Four in 10 women reckon their other half is a geek while only a third of men would describe their partner as one. The survey by glue brand Sugru found the biggest sign of a geek is an obsession with Star Trek, followed by claiming Star Wars\’ fictional Jedi as a religion, reading comics beyond the age of 14 and believing in БThe ForceБ. Even joining a chess club, dreaming of working for, having a gaming avatar or being a Mr Fix It point towards geekdom. Once derided for being oddballs, geeks are now cool and desirable as half of those who have a nerdy partner say they can explain everything while one in three say they can fix anything.

One in ten reckon they are loyal as they are too geeky to be unfaithful. Only one in 10 felt life with a geek was dull as they had to mix with their partnerБs other geeky mates. A Sugru spokesperson said: БNerdiness has gone mainstream. Just look at the massive trend in life hacking. If you get huge satisfaction from fixing a fraying cable or improving the way something works then welcome to the club. БIf we all embraced our inner geek the world would surely be a better place. Б
The more of these you say Yes to, the more likely it is you see The Big Bang Theory as a documentary rather than a sitcom * The difference between ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory) is that ROM is the Бnon volatileБ part of the memory where the permanent data that is necessary for operating the computer system is written.

And RAM is volatile memory, which means that the data can be deleted. In case you needed confirmation, here are 22 signs youre a geek 1. You REALLY want this car: via 2. You feel this parents pain: 3. P You think this hoodie is hilarious: 4. You get this reference: 5. And this one: 6. This is you at hobby shops: 7. You want this sweatshirt in your closet: 8.

And this chess set in your living room: 9. And this hunting trophy over your mantle: 10. This comic sounds familiar: 11. This is the most romantic card youve ever seen: 12. This sums up your high school experience: 13. And this sums up your college experience: 14. You agree that this is the most beautiful dress ever created: 15. This is your ideal honeymoon: 16. You share Sheldons feelings of loss: 17. P You either want these nails or the girl who has them: 18. You find this joke hilarious: 19. Also this one: 20. And this one: 21. P This is the gin for you: 22. And this looks like the perfect stocking stuffer:

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