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Filipinos working abroad are now becoming rampant due to the rising job opportunities. Because of this, several countries have set their own regulations about the job orders available. Singapore, one of the most progressive countries in all of Asia, has always been a magnet to many Pinoy professionals. 1. Easier to apply
With the fast pace environment we currently face, technology is a helpful tool that makes our lives easier. Nowadays, many employers post job openings through their website or any job sites. This way, job seekers can readily upload resumes while employers can screen applicants through their submitted curriculum vitae. This is a great method of pre-screening potential hires. Once selected, employers will directly contact the applicant for scheduled interviews. Singapore also just needs a few basic employment requirements, such as transcript of records, NBI clearance, certificate of employment, NSO birth certificate, and a Philippine passport. You sure have all these, right? 2. Better job opportunities and career growth Singapore has numerous jobs offered to expats not only focusing on the corporate world. From finance and accounting to administration and human resource management, Filipinos possess the necessary qualifications and are highly skilled. In the medical field, a growing number of nurses and caregivers are needed in the hospitals. IT professionals such as web or mobile app developers are also in demand in Singapore. The hotel and restaurant industry never ceases its expanding multinational business. Filipinos are competitive enough to work here so, when opportunity knocks, grab that chance! 3. Location is just near the Philippines Yes, it just takes an hour or two to get to Singapore, and Filipinos find this very convenient. During holidays or days-off, some would just easily book a ticket, fly to the Philippines and get back to Singapore for the working days again.


Airlines are also offering low fares, so traveling is so quick that homesickness is minimized. As an OFW in Singapore, you do not need to miss your siblingвs graduation or your motherвs birthday, just because you work abroad. 4. Place is beautiful, clean and safe You may be working all day long but at the end of the day, you will feel relaxed because the environment is simply amazing. During your free time, you can spend time wandering in the famous Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay and many others. After all, you still need to preserve the work-life balance. Cleanliness is also of utmost importance in Singapore. They are strict in implementing rules regarding littering, smoking, and others. Lesser crime rates are also reported in Singapore because not only are their people disciplined, but the government is serious of implementing its laws. How wonderful to work in a safe surroundings, isnвt it? 5. Good salary, benefits and privileges Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore is one of the many that offers a competitive salary package. Whatвs more catching here is the fact that same privileges are also given to foreign workers. As a starter, you need to undergo probationary period lasting 3 to 6 months, similar with the Philippines. As years go by, you may even apply for citizenship following their requirements and regulations. Great opportunity, right? Q: What prompted you to apply for this job? A: I m excited by the possibilities presented by your company. I d like to be a part of its future success, and I want to help it to continue to grow by Interview answer tips: Focus on emphasising the match between your skills and experience and the operations and culture of the company you re applying to.


Be honest and upfront about your motivations, while explaining why you re passionate about the role. These qualities will shine through in your answer and impress much more than simply trying to tell them what you think they want to hear. Demonstrate your understanding of the company and show that you ve researched your potential employer thoroughly, and have good reasons for wanting to work there. Q: Why are you the best person for this job? A: This job is perfectly matched to my core competencies. I really feel like your company is the ideal fit for my interests, qualifications and passions. Interview answer tips: Referring to the specific requirements of the role, emphasise what you can offer to your potential employer, rather than what they can do for you. Choose two of your most unique qualities that you think set you apart from other candidates and use them as compelling reasons to employ you. Q: Why did you leave your previous role? A: I m interested in a job with greater responsibility, and feel that a role like this would better offer those kinds of opportunities. I was laid off due to a company restructure. Interview answer tips: Whatever your reasons for leaving your last job, resist the urge to bad-mouth your previous employer as it can appear unprofessional and disloyal. Focus on the future, and ensure you sound positive and optimistic as you elaborate on your chosen career goals. Q: What would you describe as your key strengths? A: I m organised, efficient and take great pride in doing the best work possible, and exceeding expectations Interview answer tips: There s no point reeling off a list of strengths that aren t relevant to the actual role in question. Think about the types of skills your potential employer is looking for (i. e. from the job ad) and then select from your list of strengths, to illustrate exactly how you re the ideal candidate.

Elaborate on your named strengths and demonstrate how they re useful in action by using real examples from your past experience. Make sure you highlight the actual benefits of each strength in ways that are relevant to the employer. Q: What would you describe as your main weaknesses? A: I know that public speaking is the number one phobia for most people, and I d say that s the main area I d like to work on, especially as I know it s part of the job description for this role. I m very detail oriented and meticulous, which means that I can sometimes take a little longer to get a task done, but I m working on getting the right balance between attending to the detail and being as efficient as possible Interview answer tips: It can be tricky, but presenting some of your more minor weaknesses obviously not ones that will greatly impact your ability to do the job is the best tactic for answering this question. Alternatively, mention areas that you were once slightly weaker at, but which you ve been working on improving (successfully). You could also mention tasks you know are a part of the role you re applying for, which you d like some further training or support with for example, a particular software program. If you can be honest and ask for help where you feel you need it, this demonstrates that you re keen to continually learn and improve yourself. With any weakness you mention, emphasise your awareness, willingness and efforts to improve. If possible, try to avoid overly clich d answers such as I m too much of a perfectionist or I work too hard. Next, find out how to to demonstrate your key competencies during an interview.

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