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Why is Digital Marketing such a Great Career Path? June 19th, 2014
Why is Digital Marketing such a Great Career Path? As we know, increasingly companies are tweaking their marketing away from traditional methods and towards Digital. Many are hiring Digital Marketers (unless theyвre stuck in the 1980вs. ) It is proving an amazing career choice for out-going, busy people. Here we look at all the aspects of why itвs such an amazing career; always changing, always busy, always interesting and with great long-term prospects. Technology is always evolving, whether itвs the latest iPhone, App, Social Media platform or Robot (yes, really! ) and with each new technology that comes out, you have to keep up to date! Digital Marketers are often at the cutting edge of these trends, adapting to new strategies frequently as new best practices and technologies make the job a constant revelation. В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В Your work day will never be the same and can even be completely different from one year to the next, so what you learned at university might not even be applicable in a year or two to come after. All these mean is basically you can never get bored with your job. You can focus on one sector for a while, then move on to develop your skills in another, and soon enough be an expert in many different areas, you can choose what you do! Digital marketing is one of those careers that require street smarts. В The use of Social Media in your job means that you have to be aware of what is going on in the world, and be able to communicate with people. В Itвs all well knowing exactly how something works, but knowing how to address it and how to interpret the outcome is the most important aspect of the role. Digital marketing revolves around content, and this makes it one of the most spoken about careers in blogs, with people always updating new strategies to use, new apps that could benefit you and how the career path is changing.


With the industry being so published, youвll never struggle when content curating. Digital Marketing is a naturally evolving industry. В More and more companies are moving their marketing to digital and there are great long term prospects. With technology changing and getting more advanced, this just means that the job role will change with the new technologies that are being released frequently, and it can never go out of date. Youвll have to keep up to survive though. What do you think are the best parts of a Digital Marketing Role? Let us know on twitter @digireccomp в If youвre currently looking for a role in Digital Marketing also get in touch with us on twitter. Observing the marketing industry and career requirements, it is found that digital marketing seems to be a great career for the present as well as future years. I will tell you, how actually digital marketing can be a good and big choice for your career. People always have a negative impression towards sales guys and marketers. No one really bothers to listen to what marketers say about their product during their promotion. But when promotions came to televisions and radios, people started to take the advertisements a bit seriously. Marketers started doing their promotions through TV commercials, print ads in newspapers, magazines, billboards etc. and force people to buy their products through their colourful ads. Marketers made the television and radio a media for promoting their products in front of people. But during the 90s, people well no longer believing on those TV ads anymore. For any funny and senseless ads, people started commenting on the internet.


People became alerted and marketers found it difficult to compel people to buy their product anymore. The alertness of the consumers on reacting to those commercial ads compelled marketers to think of some other way as to interact with people in order to promote their products. As digital marketing came into revolution, online sellers started earning to the core. Online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal all started sparkling in the crowded market. Amazon made $74 billion sales in 2013 and came up to be the largest retailer in India. Online advertisement always works. This is because people spend more time online than that of watching TVs and listening to radios. And online ads mostly those video ads are brilliant. People can comment good and bad about them and marketers can make changes in their advertisements according to the problems. E-commerce, social media, mobile marketing all these has brought immense changes in the business world. In 2013, about 15 million people bought at least one mobile phone each day. Out of a total 6 people, at least one person work in internet related media for promoting businesses. The commercial ads in mobiles earn $5 billion each year. The employees and vacancies in digital marketing companies are increasing continuously. Such rising industry is demanding huge requirement for skilled and expert people in digital marketing. The ways how people are informed about different brands in the market created huge opportunities and job vacancies which people would have never thought of before it was introduced. Today the requirement of digital marketing is so much that companies are ready to pay huge bulks of money to the experts of digital marketers. Today more than half of the inside office work are done digitally. Very soon the entire office tasks will be done digitally and demand for manpower for digital marketing is going to reach the peak.


Companies are in high competition for attracting customers digitally. Today people are found available online, and they can be well targeted to get attracted towards the marketer s commercial advertisements. Digital marketing industry has got a large number of jobs today and will still have more jobs in the near future. The jobs available today include: PPC, Search Manager The profiles in digital marketing are all connected. And if in case one of them gets vacated, the entire team stops running. So demand in getting those positions filled is always in high priority. Hence, the need of Digital marketers will always be high in the market. The consumers will always be in need of products and brands will always be in need of customers. It completely depends on the brands how they reach the customers. And that mediator is the digital marketer. Digital marketing is a fast growing industry and people should always choose their career where the growth is. loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. The courses offered by address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop Training, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more. If you would like to talk to Professional Academy about or to develop your skills why not!

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