why would a female dog hump another female dog


Does Humping Mean My Dog Thinks She is the Boss? In a word, yes. The practice of canine humping gives the term \”top dog\” real meaning. When a female dog humps a person or thing, it can be to claim the dominant position or ranking over said person or thing. Even as humping is an inherent behavior in all dogs, the action can manifest from stress, anxiety, emotional outbursts, or as an invitation to start playing. How each encounter of humping begins depends entirely on the
when the event is triggered. Dog to Human Dominance Must be Stopped! It is important to know that should your female dog (or any dog) practice \”humping for dominance\” on humans, it must be resolved and discontinued promptly.


The dog has to respect that ALL humans are the dominant pack member and \”top dog\” in every situation and at all times. This status is never to be challenged by the K9 (including children). If your dog is acting out in this manner–≤humping one particular member of the family–≤an immediate behavior modification is in order. To discover one effective way to show your dog that all humans are, in fact, the dominant pack member, read the blue highlighted area at above right titled, \”How to Stop Female Dog Humping – Behavior Modification Technique\”. Yep, in my experience females tend to hump about as frequently as males.


Obviously an unneutered male humping an unspayed female is generally for procreation, but fixed dogs hump each other for a variety of purposes. Sometimes it\’s bullying behavior, or to put a younger dog in their place. Sometimes it\’s a play instigating behavior, like when you playfully shove a friend to get a reaction out of them. Sometimes it\’s a stress reaction. you\’ll find a lot of dogs who hump certain objects or other animals obsessively when they\’re nervous. Dogs are really good at knowing the difference. If the dog feels like they\’re being bullied or pushed around, generally that\’s when they\’ll snark back at the offending dog.


Younger or less confident dogs will often just submit to the controlling hump by rolling over and holding still. If the dog responds with play, then the hump was likely meant to goad them into playing. If the humpee doesn\’t know the humper very well, they may still snark at the playfully humping dog because they\’re being just a little too familiar, like you might glare at someone you barely know who playfully shoved you. Some more unflappable dogs will ignore play humpers or bully humpers, usually just walking away or barely seeming to notice anything weird is happening to them. Stress humping looks obsessive, like the dog just can\’t help themselves.

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