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Why is my car overheating? What can I do to fix it? In many instances, your overheated engine can be a simple problem to solve and you wonвt need to spend money on a mechanic, but in some cases, it can be serious. We will help you assess the problem and find a way to stop your car from overheating. As temperatures rise through the summer months, this can increase the likelihood that your car will overheat. Where and how you are driving when your car overheats can help you diagnose the problem. The information below analyzes engine overheating causes solutions to help you diagnose the reason and, in return, save you money on a service that may not require a mechanic. In instances where a professional is required, this information will better inform your mechanic for a quicker and cheaper service. Why is There an Anti-Freeze Puddle Under My Car? If this is the case, the first thing you can do is have your radiator pressure tested for leaks. If your antifreeze is leaking, then you may have low levels of coolant in your radiator which could, in turn, cause your car to overheat. В Another symptom of this would be that your car overheats whether you are driving or idling. While your engine is cool, open the cap to your radiator and see how full it is. If you can see a fill line, then use that as a guide. If your fluid is low, fill it up and keep a check on it over the course of a couple days and see if youвre losing any. If you are, youвll need to get it fixed or you could end up with a more expensive problem on your hands. Sometimes a simple radiator leak solution can fix it, but for a more permanent fix, a mechanic may be necessary.


Is your car overheating while idling? Thereвs a good chance that something is wrong with your cooling fan. On the front of your radiator is an electric fan designed to push air to the radiator to improve its engine cooling ability. If the fan isnвt working properly, then the radiator canвt effectively cool your engine, especially on a hot summer day. Not to worry, fixing a cooling fan is typically inexpensive. If your car is overheating while driving at highway speeds, youвve got a different kind of overheating problem. This one is a little more complex because it could be any number of things. The potential causes of a car overheating at highway speeds are a stuck thermostat, a restricted radiator, or a kinked hose. Regardless of the problem,
in finding and fixing this issue. The fix could be as simple as replacing a radiatorВ hose or your car could require a new radiator altogether depending on which problem you have and how severe that problem is. Want to prevent your car from overheating? Just follow these simple steps and youвll likely save yourself from some expensive maintenance further down the road. Keep a check on your coolant levels, not just in your radiator, but in the radiator overflow tank as well. Perform scheduled maintenance such as hose replacements and radiator flushes to ensure debris and buildup donвt clog your radiator. Always use the type of coolant recommended in your carвs manual. The wrong kind of coolant can cause problems. Check your carвs fluid levels before driving anywhere.

While the engine is cool, make sure that fluids are at appropriate levels so that you donвt have to deal with any mechanical issues on the side of the road. What to do in a hit and run? What steps can you take to prevent auto theft? What can I do to lower my auto insurance payments? Car owners get faced with a lot of questions. Read our to make sure you re getting the most out of your car. One of the worst things drivers can encounter while on the road is a thermostat which creeps past midline and proceeds to the redzone, thus causing an overheat. What confuses the same drivers is why a car can overheat while driving but not while idling in traffic or a stop light. There are a few reasons why a car overheats while driving but not at idle. Here are a few ideas and procedures on what to do if car overheats while on the road. What causes a car to run hot? Outside heat. Even if the water an coolant vehicles are fine, an overly warm day make the thermostat needle to move past the midline. Throw in air conditioning or a poorly running engine and the car overheats while driving but not at idle or in a cooler spot. What can cause a car to overheat while driving is low coolant levels. Coolant is fed through lines in your vehicle to the radiator to cool the engine. Low or nonexistent coolant in the reservoir means the car runs hot while driving and gets the thermostat going. What to if the car overheats at this point is immediately stop and fill the reservoir or radiator hose with coolant or water. A car runs hot while driving in many cases due to broken or leaking hoses.

A small pinhole or crack in a hose can become much larger as the liquid pressure within them causes increased seepage. The leakage of these hoses, even if there s coolant in the reservoir, is also what causes a car to run hot. As you have read, what can cause a car to overheat while driving can greatly vary. Yet, the solutions are very similar to slow the temperature creep down and get your vehicle to safety. First, should this take place in the summer, turn off the air conditioner and open up the windows. The reduction of energy and heat from the AC can bring the temperature down. Should this not work turn on the heater and blower. This pulls a good deal of heat off the engine and into the interior compartment. If these don t work and the vehicle is close to boiling over, pull over to the right side of the road or nearby parking lot and open the hood. Let the engine cool down significantly. Do not open the radiator cap at this point as you could be severely burned by heated radiator fluid. You can attempt to add water or coolant directly into the radiator hose when it has cooled enough. If you notice leakage from any hoses and feel you can t make it safely home, it s recommended to contact a dealership or towing company to have your vehicle transported for repair to avoid further damage to the engine. , available at Hazleton Nissan. It is designed to do exactly what its name says, ensure that you and the vehicle you buy from us are truly Set For Lifeв with: Learn more about our Set for Lifeв program today! Eligible vehicles only. See dealer for details. Posted in

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