why wont my newborn sleep during the day


My 1 month old DD sleeps fine at night for stretches of 3 hours or so, but during the day she refuses to stay settled. I don t do anything differently at night time. She is formula fed, having around 120ml every four hours. Basically at night, she is fed, burped, then goes back into her cot with her dummy, and settles within about half an hour. She was a bit patchy with her sleep for the first couple of weeks but for about a week now she has been sleeping really well at night, for 6 hours or so between 10pm and 6am. During the day – I feed her, burp her, then she has a bit of play time which mostly involves looking out the window, looking at me, etc, then I try to settle her down with a dummy once she starts displaying tired signs. But no matter how sleepy she is, as soon as I put her down in the cot she is wide awake again and starts fidgeting. If she s not wrapped she belts herself in the face with her fists (since she doesn t have much control over her limbs yet ) and if she s wrapped she fights it, squirming and grunting (she is wrapped at night and loves it). So I try the dummy, but if I don t sit there and hold the dummy in she soon drops it and starts grumbling (which turns into a scream if I ignore it). If I sit and hold it she sucks for a while until she gets sleepy, then starts shaking her head and trying to spit it out, and grizzles again. Her cries are uneven and sound cranky, defiant. almost like she s chucking a tantrum.


She doesn t scream her head off, just makes these almost snarly cries and glares at me. I ve tried getting her up and walking her round, she wakes up fully and wants to look at everything, but very soon she starts showing tired signs again, then gets cranky because she s over tired, and pretty soon no matter what I do she starts her angry cry, which eventually turns into a scream because I can t get her settled. She s getting enough food, having plenty of wet and dirty nappies, isn t too warm, isn t too cold, I always put her down with a clean nappy and a full tum, she s burped well, sleepy when I put her down. but no go. I ve tried holding her until she falls asleep (which only works sometimes, usually she just starts squirming after twenty minutes or so and then starts fussing because I m not entertaining her), walking, rocking, patting, sleeping her on her side. I m at my wits end because my entire day just consists of feeding her and then listening to her cry. Right now it has been 2 1/2 hours since her last feed, she s in the portable cot next to me and is crying in bursts, a few screams then some furious-sounding grumbles, all the while looking straight at me. (and while I typed that bit she went totally quiet, then started again
It almost feels like she doesn t want to settle, but if she stays awake she ends up overtired and even crankier.

The only things that have worked are putting her in her bouncer to sleep (which I want to stop because I can t leave her unattended to sleep in it, and anyway it isn t working as well as it used to) and letting her scream while I hold her and sit totally still; she eventually exhausts herself and then sleeps terribly the following night because she s overtired. I know some babies don t sleep much but jeez, she sleeps for about a grand total of an hour between 10am and 10pm. By 8 at night she is so overtired, has dark circles under her eyes and screams until her 10pm feed, which she finishes off well and then sleeps like a log until 2 (sometimes 3). Even sometimes when she s starting to get drowsy she suddenly starts blinking quickly and squirming like she s trying to stop herself from going to sleep. And if she does get to sleep, no matter how deeply, she wakes up ten or fifteen minutes later, having recharged just enough to fuss for another hour. But she does the same thing every day, at 12:30 or so she finally gets to sleep. then wakes before 1. I haven t touched her for about ten minutes even though she was grizzling, because she was watching me and I figured she at least knows I m here. obviously she doesn t want a cuddle because she s fallen asleep without it She s not in pain (she s had trouble with reflux and wind before and I can tell the difference in her body language and cry), it just seems like she thinks there s too much fun going on and she doesn t want to miss out, but she doesn t realise that she needs more sleep. until she s absolutely wiped out.

Has anyone had experience with a baby like this? She sleeps in a babywedge at night but not during the day, I tried her without the babywedge at night a few nights ago though and she still slept fine without it so I guess that can t be making much difference. It doesn t seem to matter if the room is quiet or not, dark or light, and so on. We had the same thing. I have started to try helping her settle in her cot during the day, when I manage to get her when she is tired enough to drift off but not overtired. It is completely up to you what you feel comfortable with but there is always an element of crying when I do this – I never let my baby be upset, however she does whinge. If she begin to get upset or worked up I don t let her continue. She uses the dummy to settle. I kneel beside the cot while she drifts off to sleep. If I miss tired signs or she is up too long (e. g. Visitors) I usually end up letting her sleep in my arms or I feed her laying down so she can sleep (not a great habit but working on it ) We are a long way from her being able to settle herself completely but I am starting off small and have been able to get two day sleeps in the cot with little fuss usually.

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