why women lose interest in a man


There you are, cruising along the relationship highway with the beautiful woman youвve snagged, when suddenly, you grind back to second gear. She doesnвt seem as engaged with conversations, doesnвt find your jokes as funny, is not as accommodating or available, and is slower to return your calls. Some of the reasons women lose interest are pretty straight forward and if you catch it quick enough it can be turned aroundвsheвll be engaged and interested once again! Top 10 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest: 1. There is no fun anymore
Letвs face it, life does set in at some point post-honeymoon-phase. However, there should always be a sense of fun in lifeвespecially with your partner. Excitement and laughter are essential elements of any great relationship. Keep things fun, make time for laughter, always continue to 2. Things become routine Habitual routine can be the killer of dreams and certainly the killer of romance. Sure, get up, have a shower, make the bed, drive the same way to workвwhatever you need to do to keep things simple in your day-to-day life. When it comes to relationships, though, some routine is great and necessary but you gotta keep it interesting. This should be a team effort with both of you throwing some sparkle into the ring and organising dates and surprises or entertainment for each other. Always leave room for the unimaginable. A little bit of вout of the ordinaryв goes a long way with women and speaks volumes about your commitment to the relationship. Sheвll be boasting about her man in the lunchroom. 3.


Going through the motions If you are just going through the motions and working down your to-do-listвmake the daily phone call, check; send the standard touch-base text, checkвthen give this one up, chump! Women know when they are just being ticked off of a to-do-list! Add some excitement to your make her feel special and wait to you see what comes back. 4. You keep her guessing where you are in the relationship Women simply donвt want to guess where they stand in a relationship. If you are under the misconception this is the way to a womanвs heart and the way to keep her interested, think again. Any self-respecting woman will be waving farewell and looking for the man who doesnвt make her second guess her value. 5. You are over the top There is a fine line between being interested and showing too much interest. If you are texting her four times a day without a responseвSTOP and put the phone down. Being too over the top can easily turn a woman off. It is great that you are communicating but work out what is going to work for her, every woman is different! If she is into four texts a day, great, carry on as you were. But common sense would indicate that if she is not responding itвs too much. 6. You are not your word Saying something and not acting on it, making promises you canвt keepвor never intended toвare death to a relationship. Be honest and stand by it. She will respect you for it. 7. Youвre annoying Donвt annoy her! You know what you are doing.


Stop it! Just stop it! 8. Your values are not aligned If your values are not aligned, ultimately, everything will be a little bit tougher. If there are big gaps in your core values, she may just be thinking things throughвwill we make it or wonвt we? Values are a great conversation topic to be had early in the dating phase. Make sure yours are aligned or can at the least be worked through. 9. The conversation is dull Youвre talking Greek MythologyВ and she is talking about real life. If you are struggling to find common conversational ground or you are non-supportive of what the other is saying this is a recipe for awkward silences! If you are a good conversationalist you should be able to talk on many levels. Find out what keeps you both stimulated. Remember, no one gets everything they need from one person. This is particularly true for womenвour topics of conversation are certainly different with our girlfriends than with our partners. 10. She has met someone else Certainly not the best of scenarios and not really one that you can changeвregardless of what you do. If she has found someone else that floats her boat and has decided to let you go then you are better off setting her free. If all else fails, and you are still stumped as to why things have changed, simply ask her the question. вHas something shifted for you, what do we need to do to get back on track? в After all, she is the one who holds the true answer! There have been many situations where a romance is budding between a man and a woman, but can still change regardless of how much the woman cares.

It s because she has lost interest in him, and hereБs why. He wonБt let the б go It doesnБt matter how many of his relationships have failed in the past, women donБt want to be subjected to any man s bad attitude towards relationships. Once he keeps dragging the past around, it will not only prove to her that he hasnБt moved on, but that heБs not confident about having a future with her. He always see the glass as half empty He б about whatБs going wrong in his life. ItБs always one complaint after another and soon her mood gets dragged down, especially if sheБs been trying to help but he keeps focusing on the bad things. He makes her feel A lot of men try hard to get the woman they want, but once he gets her all of his efforts stop. One of the surest ways to make a woman lose interest in a split second is to constantly treat her like she doesnБt matter; she will not be happy about that. He gets scared too easily He doesnБt know how to hang in there. During an argument or any type of intimidating situation, his first reaction is to retreat instead of putting in team effort to try to solve the issue. He tries way too hard Instead of letting things naturally fall into place, he forces them to happen. He tries to control the outcome of situations instead of giving things a chance to see where theyБre headed, which not only takes the fun out of things but puts unnecessary pressure on her.

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