why do you want to study in germany


Germany is becoming the desired destination for students who want to do undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad. The country is putting a good effort in promoting the quality of its education not only in Europe but to applicants world-wide. There are excellent reasons for Germany to be considered by students of Engineering. Some of these are:
CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Germany is known for its technological advance. The research facilities of its Engineering universities and institutes rank with the best in the world. These are strategically positioned near to the country s industrial centres to ensure close interaction. This has had a tremendous impact on universities and schools in Germany such as Technische Universitдt Mьnchen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)m, Humboldt-Universitдt zu Berlin, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitдt Mьnchen, Freie Universitдt Berlin, Universitдt des Saarlandes, RWTH Aachen University gaining recognition in the list of \”World ranking for the best technical teaching institutions\”.

Most German universities offer 4 semester Masters programmes (2 years), but many also offer 3 semester Masters programmes (1. 5 years) too. With an education system that is so narrowly linked to industry, this is a huge advantage, especially to people who would want to complete their Masters as soon as possible and head directly to work in their field of expertise. SUBSIDIZED EDUCATION FEES A major advantage of studying in Germany is that tuition fees are highly subsidized. Until recently German higher education was free of charge with no tuition fees for local or international students. However, universities have now started to charge a very law tuition fee thatnevertheless remains extremely competitive on the international higher education market. The DAAD scholarship is yet another attractive option for the international applicant.

JOB PROSPECTS German industry, being the Power House of Europe, presents tremendous career opportunities to International engineering graduates. Many of the top German companies recruit graduates directly from the universities they are linked to. Engineering talent is in huge demand irrespective of their nationality. Recent easing of residence requirements make it much easier for foreigners to live and work in Germany and the EU than previously. ENGINEERING COURSES IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE English is widely spoken in Germany and many universities offer postgraduate programmes entirely in the English language. IDP (International Degree Programs) are programmes aimed at foreign students, with English being the primary language of instruction. These are synonymous with high academic standards and include a number of Engineering and Technology programmes.

COST OF LIVING The cost of living in Germany is lower compared to many other countries in Europe. International students on low budget could also work for up to three months a year. Businesses, tourist attractions and transport all offer reduced rates to students. For a great choice of quality Masters and Bachelors courses in Germany visit: It is important in any case that you can speak German very well, especially when you want to study here. You must first prove your language proficiency through an exam, such as TestDAF or DSH, the German Language examinations for university admissions. In addition to that, you would be required to have the university entrance certificate. And for every field of study, there are probably additional requirements. If you are really interested, you can look it up on the internet for detailed information or visit sites like for example.

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