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Is the media liberal? is a question that readers and viewers often ask because politicians routinely make that accusation, especially. While it s common to hear claims of liberal media bias, it takes a closer examination to uncover whether they are true. Because politics is a blood sport, any time the news media reports a story perceived to be negative against a candidate or government leader, there s often an immediate accusation that the reporter, her managers or corporate owners are out to get the helpless politician who s simply trying to help the people. It s more common to hear accusations of liberal media bias, rather than conservative media bias. The that some want to create is of secret meetings taking place, in media companies across the country, where reporters are given orders on how to slant the news so that there s a liberal political benefit. Before a story is published on-air, online or in print, it is distorted so that liberal political viewpoints are promoted, while conservative beliefs are surpressed. Claims of liberal media bias go back decades. The Nixon administration said the news media was biased against the U. S. war in Vietnam and the constant negative reports were taking a toll on U. S. military efforts. Then-presidential candidate George H. W. Bush called reporters mournful pundits for describing his sputtering 1980 campaign. Then there s the 2008 presidential election. Media outlets were criticized for helping Barack Obama win the White House, while portraying the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket as badly as possible. The Katie Couric interview that skewered Palin is one example they say backs up their point. News reporters did indeed criticize U. S. military efforts in Vietnam. CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite, one of the 10 TV legends, returned from a trip to Vietnam to say the war was not winnable. It was one of. But President Lyndon B. Johnson, a liberal Democrat, was still in the White House. So Cronkite s analysis would have been critical of a liberal politician, not a conservative one. Not only that, but evidence shows Cronkite had not set out to doom U. S. chances in Vietnam. In fact, his earlier reports had been positive. As for the 2008 presidential campaign, media attention focused on the Democratic race for president because of its historic nature — the nominee was either going to be Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.


The storyline was more exciting than the contest on the Republican side. But while some say Republican nominee John McCain did not get favorable coverage, he had long been considered a favorite of news reporters. Part of that was because of his Straight Talk Express bus during the 2000 election. Reporters had nearly non-stop access to McCain as they all traveled the countryside during that year s Republican primaries. When discussing allegations of liberal media bias, it s important to define the media. Hollywood stars, like liberal George Clooney aren t shy about expressing their political views or working to elect candidates. Oprah Winfrey is credited with giving Obama the boost he needed to overtake Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries, although she faced a backlash from some viewers for turning her back on a female candidate. Neither Clooney nor Winfrey is bound by the same ethical standards of traditional news reporters, who are well advised not to get too chummy with political candidates. Talk show hosts, like Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, present slanted TV programs that shouldn t be considered straight news. While she s politically liberal, she s offset by Sean Hannity and other conservatives on Fox News Channel. Traditional news media outlets sometimes present news stories that are critical of presidential administrations or campaigns, as Cronkite did generations ago. To, those reports must meet standards of accuracy and balance. For those working in news media, part of being a watchdog over government officials is withstanding criticism. For viewers, getting news from a variety of sources, even from talk show hosts with opposing viewpoints, assures exposure to all sides of political issues.
Liberal commentator Noam Chomsky once, Бpeople with power understand exactly one thing: violence. Б His supporters must have been paying attention. As a result, the liberal cold war against the right has escalated from demonization to intimidation, harassment and violence — with Trump administration officials and members of Congress as prime targets.


You can thank media outlets for escalating the tensions and urging left-wing shock troops to declare war on the right. HuffPost went so far as to encourage of Trump officials and pundits, calling for them to, Бbe hounded by protestors [sic] everywhere, especially in public. Б HuffPost is led by a supposedly respected former New York Times The leftБs insanity has gained momentum from incidents during the campaign and turned into an avalanche of crazy — less than four months into President Donald TrumpБs first term. In that time, weБve had three riots in and an inaugural riot so bad that 200 people have been charged with felonies. One of those has already been. So-called on Trump events are now common and conservative speakers like Ann Coulter have to out of a fear of violence. A Portland, Ore. , parade was shut down for against the right. The ironically-named Students for Justice in Palestine just a pro-Israel event at The University of California, Irvine, shouting Бf*** youБ at attendees. Now itБs Trump officials and Republican members of Congress at risk. One Tennessee woman was so upset over media hype about the health care vote that she reportedly, Бtried to run Rep. David Kustoff (R-Tenn. ) off the road,Б according to (Apparently, no outlet was willing to tell her how bills become law in D. C. as a compromise between House and Senate. ) Rather than just report the attack, left-wing websites rationalized it. Buzzfeed was one of the worst, even helping fundraise for the reported attacker. The story ran under the stalker-friendly, БFriends Say Woman Pursued Congressman Because She Thought He Was Ignoring Her. Б The story presented the accused as simply someone who Бwanted to discussБ the congressmanБs vote. The fundraising page Buzzfeed linked to no longer appears on Jezebel also blamed the victim, explaining that the incident, Бfour days after helping to pass a bill that will leave millions of Americans stranded without access to health insurance. Б The site is part of Hillary Clinton funder and Бs БnewsБ that was included in the Gawker purchase. Slate also tried to rationalize the attack. It led its story by, БFeelings are running high over the Obamacare repeal and replace vote.

Б ThatБs a rationalization for violence any time anyone is unhappy about politics and thatБs every single day. ItБs hard to track all the incidents. There are just too many. Republican Rep. Tom Garrett received a series of, according to Politico. One read: This is how we\’re going to kill your wife. An out-of-control stuffed a wad of cash into another congressmanБs collar at a townhall meeting. Nebraska Republican Jeff Fortenberry had an offensive sign placed on his lawn : БTraitors put party above country. Do the right thing for once, s**thead. Б FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has online threats and numerous obscene or racist comments following comedian John OliverБs БGo FCC YourselfБ campaign. One wished, in the non-obscene section, БI hope you die a horrible painful death. Б This outrage cycle was as predictable as the seasons. Liberals have spent more than a year trying to make Trump look like a combination of, and Pol Pot. They, and journalists, have so incensed the leftБs supporters that now they, too, have lost their minds. The leftБs dementia has from the talentless song, and fantasies about or shooting that That was relatively tame by comparison to where we are today. In just the last few days, Democrat Rep. John Lewis used a commencement speech to urge Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts to Бget in the way, get in trouble. Б joked on internal social media that,БMaybe someone will assassinate him,Б meaning Trump. But an old reliable went even farther. GQБs shock monkey Keith Olbermann even urged foreign intelligence agencies to because somehow America has become victim of a Бcoup. Б If you tell readers and viewers often enough that Trump is another Hitler and heБs pulled off a coup, you are encouraging the unhinged to violence. ItБs long past time for journalists to pretend once more that they are neutral and stop trying to boost careers and lefty causes by taking down the Trump presidency. But thereБs not a chance in hell they will change — except to get worse. Dan Gainor is the. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion. He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor.

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