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[Verse One:] [LaTocha] As I stand here contemplating,
On the right thing to decide. Will I take the wrong direction, All my life, where will I go, What lies ahead of me? [Tamika] I have strong determination, And I\’m not afraid of change. I have yet to find that someone, Who would care to satisfy me, To stay right by me. [Chorus:] Who can I run to, To share this empty space? Who can I run to, When I need love? Who can I run to, To fill this empty space with laughter?


Who can I run to, When I need love? [Verse Two:] [Tiny] And my mind is so confusing, Who would be that special one? Everyday I\’m trying to find you, All along, I\’ve got to know, Is there a place for me? [LaTocha] I know love has many names, And a message very clear. All it takes is time and patience, To bring you near, But look at me, tell me [Repeat Chorus] Legendary R B group Xscape has changed its name to XSCAP3 with one less member Kandi Burruss.

The trio consisting of Tameka Tiny Cottle, LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott recently signed with talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for worldwide representation. XSCAP3 also plans to release their upcoming EP,P Here For It, on March 3 via XSCAP3 Entertainment. When a fan on Instagram questioned the name change and why Burruss was not part of it, Cottle explained the group s decision.

P It s only 3 girls on the music [Kandi] does not want people thinking she is on the music, so u will know the difference. It s Xscap3 for anything she is not apart of, she wrote. In a recent interview with MadameNoire, Burruss explained why she will not make new music with the group. I don t want to mess with our legacy, she said. When we were a group, we had three platinum albums. All of our albums were hits. We never had a flop album.

And things are not how they used to be back then. Records are not selling like they used to do back then. I don t want to put out an album and it does not be on that same level. She added, We re just four different women with four different creative ideas that I don t feel like we see eye to eye creatively on what the music should be, and I would hate for us to not put out something that is as good. I just feel like it kind of tarnishes things.

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