why do snakes continue to move after death


Reptiles stimulate impulses after death due to reasons, lets see snake for example. Snake after been crushed still moves because of the electrically charged ion in the nerve calls of snake, as the brain continuously send messages through the nerve cells, note that the brain of snake need the least amount of oxygen for survival so does not die as quick as you may think, the brain can still live for about 1hr after the body of the snake stopped stimulating impulses.


Be advised, never put your finger in a Dead snake\’s mouth as it can still harm.
Reptiles don t quite recognize when they re dead. Just because the brain is no longer attached to the rest of the body and the heart s not beating, their slow metabolism allows the nerves to react long past the time the animal is dead. Snakes will continue to flop around after their head is severed (and the head is still capable of delivering a bite. best not to mess with the decaptitated head of a venomous snake), and this is just the beginning. at alligator farms (remember, alligator farms are around so that wild alligators don t have to worry about poaching) typically the gators are harvested, bled and refrigerated for 24 hours before being skinned, it s embarrassing enough being bitten by a live gator. dead one even more so.


A lot of people I know who eat turtle will put the carcass in a walk in cooler or on ice for about 24 hours or so as well just so it doesn t try to walk away without it s head while they re trying to take it apart.

I don t think the sun going down has anything to do with it. it s just that death sometimes doesn t seem to matter to a reptile carcass.

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