why stay married when your not happy


Consider reasons to divorce. You may find that you have a good reason for getting a divorce. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you will likely find that you are a happier person once you get out. You might consider a divorce if your spouse had an affair. While some couples overcome infidelity, others never recover from it. If you find that you can\’t forgive your spouse for what he or she did even after months or years, you may want to consider a divorce. You\’ve grown in different ways. Sometimes, when you grow into full-fledged adults together, you take different directions.

If you find you and your spouse can\’t agree on much of anything anymore because you are just too different, it may be best to divorce. Your partner is bad at finances and won\’t change. Of course, everyone makes bad money choices sometimes. However, if your partner is so bad that it is causing stress on your marriage or is bankrupting your family, you may need to get out of the marriage, especially if you\’ve expressed concern but your spouse is unwilling to change.

Think about the kids. Many unhappily married couples stay together for the kids. Divorce is hard on kids, but it\’s also true that being unhappily married can be hard on your kids, as well. Your kids know you\’re unhappy, and if you\’re constantly fighting, you\’re putting stress on them, anyway.
This study shows that because a couple is having a tough time adjusting to the demands of Pchildren, does not mean they will not come through it and end up with a really high-quality, high-satisfaction relationship in the long term.

The problem lies in the misconceptions around the nature of long-term relationships. They do not just happen. P Talk to anyone who has a satisfying relationship 20Pyears on and they will tell you that it has had to be forged by sensitive, hard work by both sides over time. P Keeping your relationship working and going forward is the far and away the best and most important ingredient in your childs development.

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