why do seventh day adventists not celebrate christmas


My observation is that there are very few baptized members of the SDA church who post here very much. I post at times and follow some of the threads and post when I feel the need. First of all Seventh Day Adventists do recognize that Dec. 25th. is not when Christ was born. Nothing new there. Some Adventists who are in a very small minority shun the day because of its origins. I do not fault them in any way. The Bible tells us to be convinced in our own minds. Other Adventist\’s who are likely in the majority at least in North America celebrate Christmas pretty much the same way most other Christians do.


The cautions that we need to look out for are simple. we need to do whatever we do as unto the Lord. If we get caught up with giving and getting and food and fun and festiveties then we have probably missed the whole point of Christmas which is Christ Himself. Our personal relationship with Him is the most precious gift that any of us could have. If our Christmas activities tend to lead us away from that then what have we gained?


Before I was a Christian I celebrated Christmas for all the wrong reasons. let us remember that none of us are immune to missing the whole point of Christmas if it become more about the gifts. than the giver of every good and perfect gift.
Why is there Christmas? Christmas began as a celebration of the nativity story of Jesus in Rome in 354. It had been celebrated even earlier by Christians in the East, but they inc. How do Catholics celebrate Christmas? Catholics celebrate Christmas by attending mass on the holy days of obligation on Christmas day (December 25th) and on Mother Mary\’s feast day (January 1st.

Why do Christians celebrate Christmas? Christians celebrate Christmas following a declaration by Emperor Justinian of Rome in 324 A. D. , which recognized Dec. 25 as a state holiday. This declarat. Do Mormons celebrate Christmas? Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, do celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Mormons believe in.

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