why was the world plunged into ww2 in 1939 essay


The world was plunged in War because Japan and German Nazis caused the war by their aggressive actions. br / br / In what is known as the second Sino-Japanese War, Japan had been going to other places to invade them and steal their raw materials. They murdered 100,000 innocent Chinese in Manchuria. The world was furious with the Japanese. The US chose to place an oil embargo on Japan and would not sell oil to them at Hawaii or any other port until they stopped their invasion tactics. br / br / The Germans began taking nations that did not belong to them: Austria, the Sudetenland and the Rhineland. Then they invaded and attacked Poland on September 1, 1939. This was a clear violation of the Versailles Treaty that forbid them from building up a military force and using aggressive actions. br / br / The Brits and the French declared war on the Germans after Poland was attacked. br / br / The Japanese chose to destroy the US Naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941. The next day the US joined the other nations in the war and declared war on Japan.


Six days later Adolf Hitler declared war in the US. The rest is history.
The world was plunged into World War II in 1939 for many reasons. There were reasons such as Japan invading Manchuria, Mussolini s attack on Ethiopia, and when Hitler defies The Versailles Treaty. Appeasement was one of the biggest things that lead to WWII. It basically just postponed the War from happening. The Most effective response to aggression at this time was surely collective security. Using Appeasement got the countries no where and didn t benefit them in the least. Many things brought the world to the point of another world war. One reason was when Japan invaded Manchuria. Manchuria was an area rich in iron and coal. In 1931, the Japanese army seized Manchuria, despite objections from the Japanese parliament. Engineers and technicians started to come in great numbers and started to build mines and factories. The Japanese attack on Manchuria was the first direct challenge on the League of Nations.


When all this happened many league members strongly protested. Japan just ignored these protests and withdrew themselves from the League in 1933. Another reason for WWII was Mussolini s attack on Ethiopia. Ethiopia was one of Africa s three independent nations. The Ethiopians had already resisted an attempt at conquest during the 1890 s. To get even Mussolini ordered a massive invasion of Ethiopia on October 1935. Ethiopia had to no chance at defending themselves from this attack. One more thing that was a big cause of WWII was when Hitler defied the Versailles Treaty. Hitler for a long time had threatened to undo the Versailles Treaty. Among many things this treaty limited the size of Germany s army. On March 1935, the Futhrer announced that Germany would no longer obey these restrictions. The League only issued a mild condemnation. The league s failure to stop Germany from making their army bigger convinced Hitler that he should start to make greater risks. The Treaty forbids Germany from entering on either side on the Rhine River; this area is known as Rhineland.


On March 7, 1936, German troops moved into Rhineland. (Doc 3) This marked a turning point in the path to war. The French were very surprised that Germany did this but did not want to risk War. The British went into appeasement and just gave the aggressor what it wanted to keep peace. There were many different options on whether appeasement or collective security was the most effective response to aggression. I think the most effective response is with out a doubt collective security. (Doc 4) In 1938 Britain, France, and Italy met with Hitler to discuss his demand for the Sudetenland. Hitler got what he wanted from this meeting because of appeasement. Europe was happy from this because it avoided war. This did not benefit the Czechs at all though. For some reason Neville Chamberlain favored appeasement. (Doc 5) He thinks appeasement is the best way because he believes war is a fearful thing. He thinks that appeasement will benefit Europe. Winston Churchill

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