why was the publication of common sense so important


Written and published in 1775 and 1776 respectively,P
Common Sense Pis a vastly influential piece of political literature anonymously written by Thomas Paine in order to spark an intellectual conversation on the topic of American independence from Great Britain. Paine published and distributed the sermon-like persuasive piece throughout the colonies with the intent of convincing the colonists to revolt against the crown. It is interesting to note that it is truly written in the format of a sermon with many Protestant beliefs entwined in the text as an added means to establish common ground amongst the colonists and work to further persuade them.


Paine divided the pamphlet into four distinct sections. In the first, he worked to establish a foundation for the argument for a republican American government. In the subsequent section he assesses the nature of monarchy, the social system it brings, the contradictions between the aforementioned system and biblical equality of all men, and lastly historical consequences and future implications of a monarchy. Successively, he reiterates the hostilities between America and Great Britain and closes his sermon with a vision of a bright future for America independent and flourishing.


These four sections seamlessly work together to create the most influential and widely-read work of American political literature consequently leading to the American Revolution. it lets you interpret others and your surroundings without having to have someone tell you a lie about the world A: common sense is important, because otherwi se the person without common sense would be in a completely different reality that the average joe that HAS common sense.


If the guy without it thought that he could fly off of a building, while common sense (common knowledge and belief in society) says that hey can\’t, then the guy without common sense is in a world of hurt when he jumps off the building. It\’s important to have it for your own safety in society to get along with others, as well as allowing you to function at a \”normal\” level with everyone else that is in that society. You could easily be taken advantage of or even die without it (in an extreme case of course).

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