why should i worry why should i fear chords

Out on the water, the storm raging high, the waters around them, troubled their mind,
With fear in their heart, they thought they might die, they failed to remember, the master was ni-gh. He spoke the word; the winds all stood still, even the waters, obeyed his will. He ll calmed their storms, just like he will mine, If i ll just remember, he lives deep insi-ide. Why should i worry, why should i fear, that very same Jesus, he stays always near. He lives in my heart, he hears when i cry; I ll call on the master till the storm passes by.

I read in the bible, how he walked with them, brought light to the darkness, when the way grew dim, How Great it would be, to have his step leading mine, to walk with the master, all of the ti-ime. But then trouble came, death was so nigh, they searched for the master, hoping he d get there on time. So when im in trouble, my bodies in pain, All i have to do, is call on his na-me. and thats just me listening to it and writing it down, ive been looking all day for the lyrics, so it may not be exact, hope it helps tho Out on the waters storms raging high, the waters around them were trouble that night, fear filled their hearts they felt they would die, they failed to remember that the master was nigh, he spoke the words and winds all stood still even the waters obey his will, he calmed their storm like he will mine, if I just remember he lives deep inside.

Why should I worry why should I fear, when the very same Jesus he stays always near, he lives in my heart and he hears when I cry, Iвll call on his name till the storm passes by.

We read in the bible when he walked with them, brought light to the darkness when the way grew dim, how great it would be to have his footsteps in mine, and walk with the master all of the time, and when trials come and death seems so nigh, Iвll call on the master I know heвll get there on time, all I have to do is call on his name.

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