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Here are sample answers for an important job interview question that almost every teen candidate receives from potential employers: Why should we hire you? As you consider how you might best answer this question, it is good to know where your interviewers are Бcoming from. Б Keep in mind that there are three primary intentions that employers have when they ask it:
They are assessing your emotional response to the question. Do you answer with confidence or are you flustered? Are you assertive or are you self-effacing? When answering this question, be sure to think of the, and how your skills and experiences match those requirements. You also might want to emphasize your long-term interest in working for the organization. Finally, remember that this is your golden opportunity to Бsell yourselfБ by explaining how your background and personal qualities can enhance their organization and meet their needs. And so, before you don your, sit down with a pen and paper and answer the following questions. Once you have done so, you will be able to pull the answers together to formulate your own tailored response to the question, БWhy should we hire you? Б When I am hired by [insert EmployerБs name] for a position as a [insert type of job], my daily work responsibilities and tasks will include: __________________________. In order to do these tasks, I will need to be able to: [insert the physical, psychological, and emotional qualities that you feel would be important for someone doing the job. Examples: БGet along well with people,Б БMeet deadlines,Б БShow proactive empathy in forecasting a clientБs needs,Б БStand on my feet for eight hoursБ]: _______________.

For each of the qualities you listed under #2, write down an example of how you yourself have demonstrated this quality in the past. Example: БI demonstrated that I could get along well with people when I volunteered at our local soup kitchen last Thanksgiving. Б I am confident that I can balance this job around my school responsibilities and other activities because: ____________________________________________________. I am excited about being trained by this company because I am eager to learn how to advance my skills in these areas [insert the job skills that you think you would be taught by the employer in order to do your job well]: ________________________________. An example of when I completed a difficult project by a deadline is: ______________. An example of my collaboration and teamwork is: _____________________________. An example of my dedication and commitment to any project I undertake is: ________. An example of my ability to show up on time every day is: ______________________. An example of an occasion where I worked late to get a job done is: _______________. I am eager to be one of your, and I hope to work for you for a long period of time. The experience I will gain here is invaluable and once the summer is over, I hope we can arrange a schedule that allows me to continue working throughout the school year. I appreciate the investment your company is preparing to make in me, and I look forward to learning what your company can teach me, and how I can make an impact.

My achievements in school and my after-school activities show that I am responsible, trust-worthy, and a quick learner. I know that I can put these skills to good use working for you at your company. The investment your company will be making in me will not be going to waste. I am already familiar with this market and feel training will not take the amount of time anticipated. I am ready to start as soon as you need me and I look forward to working with a team who shares the same goals as me. Review more job interview questions and answers for teens to be sure that you ace the interview. I need this job to earn an honest living. I want this job because I\’m a hard worker who enjoys keeping things neat and clean, and because I hear this is a good place to work. I have excellent references. I live nearby. I learn fast. Assuming you pay market rate, when can I start? TAILOR YOUR ANSWERS. Use the question of why you want the job to restate your credentials, enthusiasm and commitment, as these examples suggest. 1. This company is a place where my qualifications can make a difference. As a finance executive well versed in the new financial regulations law, I see this position as made to order. It contains the challenge to keep me on my toes and promises rewards for top performance. That\’s the kind of job I like to anticipate every morning. 2. I want this job because it\’s tailored to my competencies, which include marketing and sales. In a previous position, I created an annual growth rate of 22 percent in a flat industry.

Additionally, the team I would work with looks terrific and tuned into success goals I share. 3. I well understand that this is a company on the way up. Your website says the launch of several new products is imminent. I very much want be a part of this business as it grows. 4. Having worked through a college business major by building decks and porches for neighbors, this entry-level job for the area\’s most respected home builder has my name on it. 5. As a dedicated technician, doing essential research inspires me. Being part of your breakthrough team is an experience I\’d love to repeat. 6. This job is a great fit for what I\’ve been interested in throughout my career. It offers a satisfying mix of short- and long-term activities. My short-term accomplishments keep me cranked up, and my long-term accomplishments make me feel like a billion bucks. 7. Although some companies are sending American jobs offshore, your company is standing tall, remembering that prosperity begins at home. Your successful strategies, excellent reputation and shared values make it head and shoulders above its competition. I want to be part of your success team. 8. I\’d fit right in as a counter clerk in your fine drycleaners. I have observed that the counter clerk position requires competence at handling several activities in quick order — customer service, payments, bagging and phones. I like multitasking and, as a homemaker, I have a lot of practice in keeping all of the balls in the air.

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