why do plants grow taller in the dark


Too much sun is detrimental to certain plant species. Biology Online s Lights Effect on Growth, noted that the amount of time a plant needs to spend in the light is known as its critical period. Shade loving plants would typically be those found in a forest or jungle where conditions are darker due to canopy plants allowing dappled or minuscule amounts of sunlight to reach the smaller plants, meaning they are not entirely deprived of light but have adapted to prosper in their low-light conditions.
  All plants have a \”Mature\” height. This is the maximum height a plant will reach under ideal growing conditions.


A plant will grow tall if it is looking f or light, unfortunately this is not desirable as the plant will eventually outgrow itself and become too weak to support itself.   To make a plant grow to its maximum height, a good growing medium is essential. Different plants need different mixtures, for ex. a succulent, like a cactus, or aloe vera, need loomy soil which has a lot of sand in it.   For most ornamental type plants, a good \” Container Mix\” is recommended. This consists of peat moss, compost, top soil, and is rich in nutrients. For outdoor plants I will dig a hole twice the size of the root ball, or the plants pot size and backfill (filling the hole until it is the size of the plant\’s pot) with a good container mix (you can make your own with the above-mentioned components).   I will then mix the right amount (according to manufacturer\’s directions) Osmocote into this soil.


Osmocote is a good time-release, pelletized fertilizer. Daily watering is also essential, provided it isn\’t raining too much where you are.   If you want tall plants, then you need to buy tall plants. When buying shrubs and outdoor ornamentals, this info is on the plant\’s tag. DO NOT PLANT YOUR PLANTS CLOSER THAN IS RECOMMENDED ON THE TAG   People often to this to \”Fill in\” an area.

A lot of so-called professionals will do this also. After a couple of years, you will have a big mess on your hands. Be patient and plant according to the supplier\’s tag. Even if you plant is only 10\” wide, and 12\” high, it will reach its \”mature\” size which could be 10 feet wide x 12 feet tall in 4 -10 years depending on the plant.   I would recommend you purchase a good gardener\’s book. Buy one that is sturdy as you will take it outside with you as I have with mine. Reader\’s Digest makes a good one.

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