why does ipad say not charging when plugged in


You may have noticed that iPad can be charged not only with the included iPad charger, but also by using an iPhone charger, or by connecting an iPad to a computer via USB cable to charge. While all of these methods will charge an iPad battery, though some slower than others, sometimes you may encounter an error message with certain charging methods, where the iPad says it is Not Charging. The Not charging message usually shows up when iPad is plugged into a computer via USB, but sometimes it will show up when plugged into an iPhone charger as well. While there are many reasons an iPad may report it is Not Charging, a particularly common reason relates to the power source, and thus here offers a simple solution. But there are a few other possible issues that can cause an iPad not to charge as well, so lets cover the most common reasons an iPad will show not charging message in the top bar of the device, and what you can do to fix it. 1: Wait! Check the iPad Port for Obstructions
Before going any further and tweaking with power cables and iPad chargers, check the iPad charging port for any potential gunk, dust, lint, debris, or another obstruction. Use a wooden or plastic toothpick and clean out the port on the bottom of iPad to make sure there s nothing stuck in there.


This probably sounds silly, but it s to find some kind of stuff jammed into the lighting port on the bottom of iPad, particularly if the iPad gets placed into bags often, or gets used frequently by kids. Mystery lint, play dough, food particles, a grain of rice, dirt, rocks, you d be surprised at the strange things that can end up jammed into the little charging ports which will prevent the thing from charging at all, so be sure you thoroughly check it and make sure it is clear of obstruction. Anything that interferes with a connection can prevent the device from charging, and while far more often than it might on an iPad, it can still happen to the tablets too. 2: iPad Says Not Charging When Plugged Into a Computer with USB? Try This I frequently see the Not charging message on my iPad when it is plugged into a particular USB port on a particular Mac. This suggests that given USB port isn t sending enough power to be able to sufficiently charge the iPad, so despite being plugged in it may continue to run down the battery, or the very least not actually charge the battery and just show the not charging message. Two possible solutions to this are as follows: * You can always if need be. Important : if the USB cable is frayed, torn, or otherwise damaged, you will want to get a new USB cable and use that one instead.


A will be unreliable at best and should be replaced as soon as possible, you can. Be sure you get a certified charging cable, since cables that are not certified. That alone may resolve the issue, but not always. 3: Next, Try Connecting iPad to the iPad 12w Wall Charger A solution that almost always resolves the iPad Not Charging message if it relates to power insufficient is plugging the iPad directly into a dedicated iPad 12w charger from a wall outlet. These come with every iPad sold and look like a little square block that plugs into an outlet. Note you want to use the iPad 12w charger, and not a 5w iPhone charger, because while the iPhone charger should technically charge the iPad, it will do so much more slowly simply because the power output is dramatically less (5w vs 12w). You may also experience that if a game or something power hungry is running on iPad while connected to a 5w iPhone charger, the battery may still drain despite being connected, simply because the charger power output is dramatically less than what is intended for iPad. Thus, use the 12w iPad charger, and it should charge just fine. If you somehow lost, some of them are third party chargers so pay attention to who you order from on Amazon.


If you re still having problems you can also see some, most of those suggestions apply to an iPad as well. Those three major tips should solve your iPad charging problems if you see the Not charging message in the top bar of the iPad. Give them a go and let us know what works for you in the comments below. Many Apple users have complained that their iPad shows БNot ChargingБ while plugged into their computer. The explanation for this is that the iPad requires more amp than the USB port can supply. Apple s support states, БiPad will charge with any Apple USB Power Adapter and will also charge, although more slowly, when attached to a computer with a high-power USB port. Б Most computers have standard USB ports that do not provide enough amp to to charge the iPad with the screen on. The power required to keep the screen on exceeds the charging rate of a standard USB port. Therefore, by keeping the screen off, the iPad will charge slowly. ASUS has provided a free simple program called that boosts the charging rate of the USB ports. It works by boosting the port to a higher output. Many report success after installing this utility.

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