why do you crave ice when you are anemic


Anemia is a condition where your body does not have enough healthy red blood cells moving through your blood. Without enough iron in your body, red blood cells cannot carry oxygen around efficiently, and the tissues in your body begin to suffer from this decreased oxygen supply. Iron deficiency anemia can occur for several reasons. Most commonly, iron deficiency occurs because of bleeding in the body, such as with excessive menstrual bleeding and bleeding in the digestive tract.


It can also occur in people with intestinal conditions such as Crohnвs disease or celiac disease, which might block iron absorption. People lacking enough iron-rich foods can also suffer from a deficiency.
THE FACTS Fatigue and weakness are the familiar symptoms of the blood disorder, which afflicts millions of Americans.

But a fixation for ice? Oddly enough, in recent years, cravings for ice have emerged in the medical literature as a puzzling and increasingly documented sign of anemia, especially its most common form,. Scientists donБt fully understand the link, but some suspect that compulsive consumption of ice Б called pagophagia Б relieves inflammation in the mouth brought on by iron deficiencies.

In extreme cases, people with undiagnosed anemia and pagophagia have been known to ; the problem usually clears up after treatment with. (Another well-known anemia, sickle cell, cannot be treated with these supplements. )_ Studies at Northwestern have shown that ice cravings are. The procedure, known as Roux-en-Y (pronounced ROO-on-why), involves bypassing the part of the intestine where iron and other minerals are most easily absorbed;.

One case was described in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2008, БThe patientБs husband frequently observed her in the middle of the night with her head in the freezer eating the frost off the icemaker,Б the report stated. БThis craving resolved after transfusion and iron administration. Б THE BOTTOM LINE Abnormal cravings for ice can be a sign of anemia.

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