why will my computer not turn on

My computer powered off and won t turn back on. Most likely a problem with the motherboard or power supply unit. Please help! I got a new Power supply but computer still won t turn on. Computer won t start, even after replacing bad power supply
Computer turned off and wont turn back on, 100 percent dead. power supply is new My computer wont turn on at all i even bought a. Ew power supply and still nothing My power supply made sparks and pc turned off– gave it to a tech guy and he says psu is okay but the motherboard is dead?? My computer won–≤t turn on but my power supply works. Motherboard won t take power. Power supply wont turn on when plugged into motherboard but will with another motherboad. Computer won t turn on. Power Supply light is on Replaced MOBO, CPU, RAM and Power Supply ~ Computer still won t turn on unless power supply is hard switched.

Hi! my computer won t turn on but the power supply and mother board are properly working. I don t know what to do, any help wo Need help! New power supply, fans won t turn just graphics card fan connected to motherboard so. ive been having the same problem as everybody else (for the most part) i feel ive taken all the necessary steps but I want to be 110% sure that ive come to the correct conclusion. Mainly because the computer is not actually mine. I\’m just more technical than the owner and have a decent common knowledge about computers and electronics so here\’s what happens. DVD drive lights up, opens and closes Manual shut down is not possible. ive held down the power button for 2 minutes straight and no shutdown occurs PC does not boot. this is what ive done so far. i\’ve disconnected the RAM and turned on the computer. no beep. no nothing ive attempted to clean the RAM with an eraser. no luck i\’ve attempted switching ports that the RAM is plugged into. no luck i\’ve removed the ethernet card and restarted the PC. no luck I\’ve removed and reinserted the BIOS battery located on the MoBo. no luck I\’ve cleaned out all the dust from the fans and boards and once again. no luck i can\’t seem to remove the CPU heat sinc from the CPU to do the heat test.

BUT. ive left the PC running (everything connected) and I can feel the heat sinc heating up after about a few minutes. which leads me to believe that the CPU is fully functional. so most people would say, open and shut case, Johnson. What the heck is your question? well, its the CPU fan the PC has been running for a few minutes now, the CPU is obviously heating up and the cooling fan hasn\’t kicked on yet. so I attempt to spin the cooling fan manually (with just my fingers) and the fan continues spinning but at very low RPMs. probably not even quick enough to cool a snowball in the north pole. so my question is. (finally) is the CPU cooling fan being effected by the incapabilities of the MoBo? once again. i\’d like to be 110% sure of what the exact problem is here, mainly because the computer doesnt belong to me. and to tell a friend he has to replace his MoBo and then find out afterwards that wasn\’t even the problem is nothing short of. messed up to have him replace his MoBo. solve his problems for a week or two and then have his CPU blow up on him after reading all 7 pages of this thread ive come to the conclusion that this is a pretty common problem with Acer PCs.

I know what brand of computer NEVER to buy thank you, and goodnight

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