why does my hair get frizzy when i straighten it


Work in small sections, and use the right technique when straightening. Use a brush to pull a 1 to 2-inch (2. 54 to 5. 08 centimeters) wide section of hair as taut as you can. Use your free hand to clamp the flatiron down onto the section, close to your roots. Pull the flatiron down the length of your hair in a single, fluid motion.

Repeat 1 to 2 more times, if necessary. Avoid using a comb; use a good, bristle brush instead. Combs tend to cause too much static and split-ends on dry hair. If you pull your hair taut, you won\’t have to pass the flatiron over it more than once or twice. If you find that you have to pass over your hair repeatedly, you might not be pulling it taut enough.
We\’ve all heard the dreaded sizzle of a flat iron over wet hair.

Whether you just missed a spot with the blow dryer or didn\’t wait long enough for your hair to completely dry, that sound is a sign your hair is not happy.

As Matrix lead educator Roch LeMay Allure, running the iron over damp hair \”creates steam and causes bubbles to form within the hair fibre, which cracks along the hair shaft. \” Once the crack reaches the strand\’s cuticle (which is the outermost part of your hair, and ), you\’ll start seeing damage in the form of split ends and broken hair.

If you don\’t have time to wait for your hair to air dry all the way, stylist Angela Stone of AvantGirl Salon in Margate, N. J. , tells The List it\’s best to hit it with the blow dryer first so you spend less time with the flat iron and therefore risk less damage.

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