why do you go to the gym


think the semi-anonymous aspect of these relationships helps guys unload with honesty. Ive seen guys speak about relationships, divorces, investments, parenting tips and life plans, only to come over to me shortly afterwards and ask whats that guy\’s name again? 3. Big Guys will unload The Knowledge on you
Big Guys like to think they know their stuff. Join a gym as a newbie and it\’s a fair bet that within the first week you\’ll be on the free-weight floor when a Big Guy will sidle over and offer some advice. Sometimes itll be great advice, sometimes it\’ll be old rhetoric from the 70s. Correct protocol is always to listen to the Big Guy. You dont have to take his advice on board, but you do have to look like you will. Hes a big dude, and that\’s just the way it is. 4. Approach the sauna with an open mind Never assume that the sauna rules of your local gym are transferable to sweat boxes elsewhere.

Sauna culture is always fascinating: its fairly common knowledge that on the continent they bath in the buff, but did you know that in LA it\’s not uncommon for gym members to take fitness equipment into the sauna and continue their workouts? by Christopher B. Robrahn For many of us who are dedicated to our personal fitness, Бgoing to the gymБ seems a pretty standard part of the dayБs activities. It really means more than БIБm going to exerciseБ. That simple phrase can mean БIБm taking care of myselfБ or Бmy health is importantБ. So why do you go? The reality is, to maintain great fitness, you donБt have to БgoБ, but rather have some method of getting exercise on a daily basis. It can be from running, swimming, home exercise, hiking or a hundred other ways, even surfing, which I am determined I want to try.

The point here is, before you Бgo to the gymБ or take up any exercise program, you should have some objective, along with a strategy. What do you really want to gain from this experience? If you want to improve your fitness and health, it should be measurable and attainable; not vague. If you want to vastly reshape your body through weight reduction, are you willing to invest the time and energy to make it happen? If your work and time doesnБt allow for this kind of commitment, you need to reassess. Too many people start exercising with vague objectives like, БI want to feel betterБ or БI just need to lose a little weightБ. Check back 60 days later and they probably have already moved on. People who are successful with their fitness do it for a reason and are ready to commit to a strategy for success.

They make it a part of their daily lifestyle as an essential. As they work toward their goals, they are able to measure their success and it is attainable based on the time and effort they can commit. When they reach their goals, they celebrate. Imagine the level of confidence and self-esteem generated. The reality is, you donБt need a gym, it isnБt a requirement. Yeah, I enjoy being fit and committed to my time with fitness, but for many people, it just isnБt possible for a whole variety of reasons. You are a unique and talented person. If you are new to exercise, start with your objective, work it on your terms and realize the thrill of achievement. Copyright The Gayly Б September 14, 2017 @ 12 p. m. CDT.

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