why does my gas stove smell like lighter fluid


Suddenly my gas range/stove emits a kerosene-like odor when I operate the stove, and especially when I operate the oven — but our service is natural gas. I called the local gas utility, and they sent a tech out. The tech said there were no leaks. He inspected all around the house, replaced the service meter (the old one was vintage 1981) and poked around with a sniffer to look for, I presume, underground leaks. He asked if I had painted or cleaned anything lately. I haven\’t. No paint, no cleaners, etc. I did clean the range top about a week ago, but I used the same stuff I always use and have
never had this gas-like smell before.


Furthermore I have not cleaned the oven. The scent is nauseatingly strong when I operate the oven, but still present when I only operate the range. I read on some forums that the oven igniter might be bad, but all the stove burners and the oven light quickly as they always have. Thanks for all your help! Gas man was just here to check for a gas leak. Oven has a malfunction is cranking out carbon monoxide when its on.

Off to get a new stove now. Thanks again for your help OLS. I have a gas ( LP) stove. Yesterday I noticed when ever one of the burners or the oven was on there is a very strong lighter fluid type smell coming from the stove/oven. That cant be a good thing. I first noticed the smell when I went to cook dinner after doing some painting in the house. At first dh and I were in denial thinking it could just be the the smell of propane and paint mixing. Nope, its the stove/oven, and there is no doubt that it smells like lighter fluid when its on.

I havent been using the stove/oven since I noticed the smell. Not about to turn it on and play Will this place blow up? anytime soon either. I have no idea how old the stove is. Guessing it was the same stove that was put in after the the house was built around 1985-87. If this helps anyone. The pilot light isnt on. The oven has an electric starter so the pilot wont go on until the stove/oven is turned on. Trying to do a process of elimination on this.

Only things I can think of are: A) Gas leak. Someone is coming over later today to check on that. None of the carbon monoxide detecors have gone off, but it doesnt hurt to check. B) Something new added to the propane. Already called the propane company that delivers to us. There has not been anything added to the propane to make it smell like that. C) The stove is possesed. Anyone have any ideas on what this could be? Can it be fixed? Is it time for a new one? HELP!!! TIA.

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