why does my rabbit sneeze so much


Observe your rabbit. Before taking your rabbit to a veterinarian, try to assess for yourself why the rabbit may be sneezing. Monitoring symptoms can help you better aid the vet in determining what\’s wrong. Your rabbit could have an upper respiratory infection, which may manifest with runny nose, runny eyes, and sneezing. It could also be a lower respiratory infection, which would include symptoms like loud breathing. Rabbits with lower respiratory infections may also that stick their noses up when breathing. Foreign object such as a hair or a bit of food trapped in a nasal passage.

In this case, there would be few symptoms beyond sneezing. A dental problem, such as an infection that has spread to the nose, can cause sneezing. This would cause other cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, and is most likely in older rabbits. Again, a veterinarian should make a formal assessment, but you can come prepared with your opinion and information regarding symptoms to help.
So, I took Stitch, my 3 month old mini-rex to the vet because of sneezing fits. He starts to sneeze, and then can\’t seem to stop.

He does it 10 to 20 times in a row, depending on when I can get to him and pet him to calm him down. He also does this weird cough/sneeze/snort sound when it gets really bad. The vet is one recommended by the House Rabbit Society, so I\’m sure she knows what she\’s doing. We had him on antibiotics for a different reason, and that never fixed the problem. He is a little snot-nosed, but it\’s completely clear mucus, and his breathing is totally clear. The vet is stumped. She\’s positive it\’s not Snuffles, my other rabbit shows no symptoms (I separated them initially, but she said it was safe to put them back near each other), We\’ve run fecals and a lot of other tests, and nothing shows up.

She thinks it\’s allergies, and I\’ve tried changing the litter, no go, then I tried putting him in the carrier for the night, no good, so it\’s not the cage. Then I tried moving him to a different room. Nothing. My thing is, I need a little reassurance. Does anyone else\’s rabbit sneeze a lot? I\’m just afraid he\’s somehow sick and we don\’t know how to help him. 🙁

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