why does my husband only want oral


Its not as simple; give and you shall recive. i wish it was. and why he doesn\’t recoginize our feelings or human urges I dont think there is much we can do about it. We pick the men we want in our lives and we have to live with our choices. I know most men will change when given an ultimatum, why does it have to get to that point though? I don\’t understand why men think it is okay to do this, or maybe its because they were not loved as children so find it hard to love in return. I do think it has something to do with this. I think i put it down to the man having a problem somewhere with love, affection or women. I have a problem with my husband wanting oral and flopping during sex. he spends his nights drinking while i go to sleep alone. i wake up with the 1 year old and im half way through my second pregnancy. I love sex no matter what time of the day or stage of pregnancy or even place. My husband never asks me for sex i have to ask him he usually just wants oral and i see him try to get out of sex. on average we have sex once every 2 weeks or so.

I want to have sex every other day so its a huge strain on me even though it sounds stupid. Its how I am. When we first got together we had sex every other day, now its him saying we cant have sex every day because of the baby and there is no time. I dont care if the baby is screaming there are plenty of rooms in the house we can go to while baby has a 10 minute cry in his crib. He likes to make it hard and insist on having sex in the bed or waking me up in the middle of the night when im a zombie trying to get my 7 hours in. he will also tell me i need to come back to bed in the morning which is obviously impossible with a 1 year old who is going to scream and husband cant concentrate enough with screaming babies. I have come to a point where its him reciveing oral and he wont even touch me. (he swears every night he comes to bed and fondles my breast) Yes it is nice but what is that going to do for me while im sleeping and unaware that anything is even happening.

Yes men love oral but women shouldnt have to go without satisfaction as well. My family is just starting out and i am in my prime. im 20 years old my husband is 35 i have a perfect life and house with him a healthy baby with one on the way. But this huge dark cloud sits over me all day as i think about him and his selfishness to the point where i just start crying over anything. It isnt fair but do i give up everything for sexual satisfaction or keep masturbating by myself at night and forget what it is to have a man touch me and want me. I just want to be held and wanted. Who knows why he is like this. every time i bring it up i get an agressive reply which makes me wish i never even thought of bringing it up. although we have sex once every week or two its not anything loving its basically him climbing on top and rolling back off which always makes me feel a lot better about myself. i guess i just keep going on until i cannot go any more and in 10 years regret spending all this time in a lonely position. but hey men love oral so thats all that matters give them your youth and love. clean and cook and never expect anything back even after birthing their children.

I never thought a human could feel so low over something that could so easily be fixed. I will just keep venting until it no longer helps me get over it. thanks for reading!
We\’ve only been married a couple weeks, but my husband never has vaginal intercourse with me. Even on the honeymoon, he only wanted to have oral sex. He says it\’s because he \”doesn\’t want to hurt me\”, but I don\’t know what to think. Even when I give him oral sex, he doesn\’t have an erection. I asked him if he\’s sure that he\’s sexually attracted to me, and he insists that he is and that I\’m \”the most beautiful girl he\’s ever seen\”. What should I think? And why is he so preoccupied with giving me oral sex?

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