why does my dog lick my ears


While it is not uncommon for a dog to love to lick your ears, some still are not sure what it is that they love and why they do it. One explanation is that it is a sign of affection. Nuzzling, licking, and even nibbling on the ears of another pack member (in this case, you) can be a means to show that your pup is comfortable with you. They can be trying to say that they accept you as part of their pack, specifically as their pack leader, and that they respect and love you. Licking seems to be especially prevalent with dogs who are more submissive in nature. P
Licking can also be connected to a more primal instinct still present from the time when dogs lived without human pack leaders.


It is commonplace for close family members of a pack to groom one another. With places like the ears being particularly difficult to groom, another member of the pack would step in and lick the ears clean. Some domesticated dogs still feel this need to assist other family members with their grooming. No matter how clean you keep your ears, they are still a source of unusual smells to your pooch. And the fact that dogs explore the world through smell and taste as much as any other sense validates this theory.


With their overly keen senses, your dog could learn a tremendous amount about you from licking your ears. These smells, combined with the bitter taste inside your ears, can actually quite appealing to dogs. Whether it seems to be from a deeply rooted instinct to aid in grooming or something that is done from boredom some dogs like to lick your ears. There are even some dogs who have developed a taste for the wax inside human ears. Gross, right?! Why does my dog lick my earlobes?

Dogs use licking to show affection, both to other animals and to humans. Licking and grooming another dog, particularly one of their own pack or litter, is a way to show acceptance and love. Dogs are shown from an early age that cleaning and licking one another is acceptable behavior from both their mothers as well as the rest of the litter. If your dog is licking your earlobes, he is most likely doing so in order to show affection. Dogs also lick because this is one of the ways that they communicate. Since dogs cannot talk, they have to use their paws and mouth to get a message across.

A dog licking earlobes could be seeking attention or affection from you, just as he might be showing affection with the licking action. In the wild, animals spend hours grooming each other to take care of their pack. Dogs who try to lick and groom their human owners are mimicking this same behavior. Although the licking can be annoying at times, or you may think that the licking is unsanitary, your dog sees it as a means to bond and show you love. Bobcat Hunting Proposal Revoked In Indiana Thanks To Animal Activists: Click Next below!

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