why do we dream about dead relatives


To of dead relative usually represents an aspect of yourself based on their role in the family or your most honest feelings about them. The fact that your relative is dead in the dream most likely doesn t have as much meaning as do your most honest feelings about them when they were alive. For example, someone seeing a deceased father in a dream will most likely reflect your conscience or a decision you are making just same as someone dreaming of their father who is currently still alive. Alternatively, a dead relative may reflect your grief or feelings about their passing. To dream of a dead relative dancing most likely represents your feelings about how well some area of your life is working out. Example: A man dreamed of his dead father. In waking life he was making an important decision. His dead father reflected his conscience or decision-making ability. The fact that he was dead had no significance.


Example 2: A man dreamed of his dead grandmother. In waking life he was experiencing a problem that he had prior experience with. His grandmother in the dream reflected the wisdom of past experience or having been there before. His ability to override poorer judgment. Her being dead had no bearing on the symbolism.
Seeing your relatives in a dream it is quite ambiguous symbol that may forebode joy, trouble, or some important event in your real life. Some of our relatives we love and value, others we, to say the least, endure. For you not to spend your precious time to learning the interpretations of this symbol in different dream-books, we suggest to read this post that contains the most popular meanings of dreams featuring relatives. But in order to get a sense of a dream about relatives, we recommend first to recall the dream plot and images in which your family members appeared there.


So, what meaning may have dreams featuring relatives? It is very important whom exactly did you see in a dream. Parents usually augur positive changes and pleasant events in our life. Brothers and sisters в a sign pointing at the fact that your life is going in the right direction, and there are people beside you who can support and cheer you up. Grandparents in dreams point at the fact that soon you will have to make an important fateful decision. Try to remember what did they tell you in the dream. Their words might contain the key to solution to this issue. Such dreams usually serve as a specific connection between a dreamer and his/her family. If you saw a dream in which there happened something bad with someone of your relatives в be sure to immediately let him/her know about this. Recommend him/her to be more careful, maybe to visit a doctor, etc. If your dream featured not the closest relatives, the interpretation will be ambiguous.

You should take into account what relationship do you have with these relatives in a real life. If you keep quarrelling all the time, such dream is a signal that this person speaks disparagingly about you, maybe he/she is jealous of your success. In order to secure yourself against the ill-wisher s negative energetics, try to minimize your communication with him/he, but if this is impossible, try not to look into this person s eyes when talking to him/her. What if we see the deceased relatives in dreams? Do not worry if you saw in a dream featuring someone of your relatives who are no longer alive. This by no means is a sign of a misfortune. Dream-books interpret such image as a signal pointing at the fact that you are doing something wrong in your real life, most probably your family members are suffering from your actions and words. Try to change your attitude towards the people around, and then you will notice a distinct improvement in all areas of your life.

Some dream-books say that seeing the deceased relatives in a dream means that soon you may be deceived or betrayed in a real life (most probably by someone of your relatives). Also, such dreams may be the signals of quarrels. Bewailing the deceased family members in dreams means that soon you will be crying in a real life. This may be tears of grief, as well as tears of joy. To touch your dead relatives in a dream в soon you will catch cold or suffer an injury. As you can see, dreams featuring relatives have many different meanings and interpretations в everything depends on details. Most often such dreams betoken some neutral events, or warn of some danger. You should take these dreams seriously, without neglecting their meanings. This may really help you and protect you from harm.

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