why does my facebook app keep saying session expired

Got mine fixed!!! πŸ˜€ Go to Play Store on your phone, then Apps then type in Facebook messenger and search. It s the very first one that pops up with a blue circle with letter N inside and says it s by Facebook. Click on it, and click on Uninstall then once uninstalled, go back to it and click on Install then Open. This will sync all the new updates and voila! the Fb messenger will work like a charm with no difficulty. πŸ™‚ And you won t lose any of your old PMs you had before uninstalling the messenger app.

All the old private messages are saved and you ll see them. πŸ™‚
I found the solution thanks to another facebook user who had the same problem. I followed her instructions and IT WORKED! To fix the error of Session Expired – Please login again to renew your sessions error from iphone / ipad after deactivating and then reactivating your account (which I did from the iphone) do this. # 1 Log in from a computer: you will see everything just fine, but people cant see you or tag you etc. # 3 Delete the facebook app and reinstall from the device.

Clear your cookies, history, data, etc, before installing the app (under settings – safari) # 4 Reactivate your account, from the computer.

It will send another email Welcoming you back to facebook etc. Change your privacy settings, etc. Facebook tells you it will take a couple hours to get it back to normal # 5 Login from the app (after re-downloading it all) and everything will be normal.

That should be it to fix the session expired error. If its still not working, you got another error somewhere. At first I was pushing the confirm my account etc, but no email would ever come through and I was getting pissed and thinking I had to get a new account. Follow the above, and it should work. If not, you got another issue going on somewhere. Good luck!

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