why does my hp laptop keep dropping the wireless connection

Thanks for reaching out to us on HP Support Forums. I came across your post and would like to help. I understand that you have an HP Pavilion g6 laptop and it is facing wifi connectivity issues. The ipconfig/ release shows up an error message stating \”No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has its media disconnected\”. Also, the connection keeps dropping out. I appreciate the steps you have performed and have certainly done a good job. The exact product model no. This link will help you to find the model no:
Media state disconnected actually indicates that the wireless card is not detected. So is the wifi light blue/white or orange on your laptop? Is the ethernet connection working on the laptop? Meanwhile, I recommend you to perform the following steps to isolate the issue and arrive at a fix: First, we have a step by step guide to walk you through the troubleshooting process here: A second option, is to try these steps: Powercycle the network 1. Shut down your notebook. 2. Unplug the power to your router. 3.

Unplug the power to your modem. 4. Wait at least 45 seconds. 5. Plug in the modem, and wait for it to come back online. 6. Plug in the router, and wait for it to come back online. 7. Turn on your notebook, and test your connection. Disable the Power Off option for the adapter 1. Open Device Manager. (Win Key+R type devmgmt. msc OK) 2. Expand the Network adapters. 3. Right click on the Ethernet/Wireless Adapter and click Properties. 4. Click the Power Management tab. 5. Remove the check mark beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. 6. Click OK. 7. Test. Reset the TCP/IP settings 1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD. 2. Right click on the command prompt icon and chose Run as administrator. 3. In the window that opens type \”netsh int ip reset resetlog. txt\” without quotes, and press enter. 4. Restart your PC and test. It may also help to reset the winsock catalogue 1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD. 2. Right click on the command prompt icon and chose Run as administrator. 3.

In the window that opens type \”netsh winsock reset\” without quotes, and press enter. 4. Restart your PC and test. Reinstall the network adapter drivers 1. Download the drivers from but do not run them yet. 2. Go to your start screen/menu and type Device Manager. 3. Expand Network adapters. 4. Right click on the wireless adapter and choose Uninstall. 5. Run the downloaded drivers from step 1. 6. Restart your PC and test. Test an ethernet connection: Self explanatory. Test if the issue persists on a wired connection to rule out the wireless adapter hardware so troubleshooting can be directed towards the right areas. Test another connection: Many people rule out their home network as an issue if another device is working on the same network. Networking is not that simple. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to rule out settings in that device until the notebook has been tested on another network. If those three steps do not resolve the issue, try this document published by Microsoft for networking issues:.

You can change the operating system with the dropdown in the upper-right corner of the document. Hopefully, this helps! Let me know the results. All the best! My HP laptop suddenly does not accept wifi connection. Xfinity checked router and everything OK Works on my Tablet and Androi I really can t connect with my Wifi even if other devices can. I am using Hp laptop. Phone loses connection to home wifi every 2 or 3 days I have a 2005 hp laptop. one slot is open. is that my wifi? Wifi Connection to laptop problem my laptop wifi connection speed suddenly drops WiFi connection is lost on Dell Inspiron 5447 laptop. Received a RCA 10 Viking Pro laptop tablet for a Christmas present? And get it to work? Have WiFi connection but no internet c I can t access to my sittings and i can t open my wifi. What would i do??. Hp laptop intel core i3 Whenever a new device connects to my home s wifi, my laptop decides to drop it s connection. Can anyone tell me what s causing Toshiba satellite laptop can t find wifi connection

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