why does my face itch when i wear makeup

1) The makeup contains an ingredient, such as common-irritant bismuth oxychloride, which is irritating and bothering your skin. 2) The tools you use to apply makeup irritate your face. Natural bristles irritate my face, sometimes my eye, and I can only use synthetic bristles. 3) The makeup is drying your skin out. When my skin is dried out, it s prone to itching. Could be something else entirely. But my guess is that it s likely the first or 2nd causing you issues. What products have you tried to date? Which covergirl products specifically, do you know? Also, are you using the brushes that come with their products if you are using their powders?

That could easily be why. Most brushes that come with drugstore cosmetics are VERY irritating, scratchy, and can even cause a reaction to the skin that lasts for a while after use. If you are using a cheap scratchy brush, try using something else with the covergirl makeup, and if you still experience itching, try another brand. If you still get itching, then it s likely just that your skin is dried out and the products are drying you out further, although it s definitely hard to tell without knowing anything about your skin from looking at it and hearing you discuss what it looks/feels like.

I ve used cheap makeup, none of which caused a reaction other than one L Oreal powder which contained an ingredient I am sensitive to (bismuth oxychloride). And I m guessing Allie down there gave everyone else a thumbs-down so her s would be the only one without one. Lame. EDIT: We can t say whether this means you cannot wear makeup, as we have no idea what is causing the problem. If it s as simple as a common ingredient found in most cosmetics (high end or low end), then you likely can t wear makeup, at least not facial makeup.

If it s simply one irritant found in SOME cosmetics, then of course you can wear makeup. If it has to do with your skin s moisture, then all you need to do is up the moisture in order to feel comfortable with makeup on your face. As I said, if you could name the specific products, it would be easier to help you out, as I could look up ingredients to see if there are any common irritants. And if you stated how you apply the makeup, and with what tools, that would also help.
I dont wear makeup everyday, so when I do, I forget I have it on and I tend to scratch / pick (i know, i know its HORRIBLE) and then i have the oh crap moment as I look down at my fingers and see all my rubbed off foundation or eyeliner / mascara.

I tried different setting powders to see if it would help and while it kinda helped with the itchiness ( is god sent) it still itched a bit as the day went on. I then started trying a different approach and using a fixing spray that I keep in my purse. When it starts to itch, I spray it on and tap with my finger and feeds my need and doesnt mess up my makeup. I tried the Ben Nye final seal stuff, but it was a bit too tight so I switched over to

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